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Welcome back to part three of our in-depth look at the fast custom capabilities at StoneImpressions!  Today, we are going to show you some of the different ways we can alter a pattern to create a completely unique design.  Altering patterns is a fun process that allows you to take part in the creative process of designing a custom tile.

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1. Recreate a Mural into a Pattern

Have you ever seen one of our murals and loved a detail about it?  The good news is we can easily take the part you love and transform it into a continuous pattern for your space!  For this particular project, a client was mesmerized by the delicate and detailed Truly Lace mural but wanted to use it as a continuous pattern all throughout the kitchen.  She told us what her favorite parts of the design were, and we went from there.  Matt, our talented graphic designer, narrowed it down to two potential designs that still had the essence of the Truly Lace mural.  The client ended up choosing the second option for her modern farmhouse/rustic kitchen!  We loved the alteration of this mural so much that we are adding it to our new made-to-order collection.

Truly Lace patterned mural on limestone

Original Truly Lace Mural on Limestone


Blue and Beige Pattern

Custom Truly Lace Option One


Custom Design Truly Lace

Custom Truly Lace Option 2


2. Simplify a Pattern

If you want to take a minimalist approach to patterned tile, the option to take out and simplify aspects of a design is always available.  Below is an example of how one homeowner loved the elegance and sophistication of the Cambridge pattern, but wanted to make it a bit simpler.  Matt ended up taking out the center design and simply repeated the corners to create one continuous pattern.  This resulted in a completely unique and one-of-a-kind custom tile for a master bathroom.

Cambridge Pattern Design

Original Cambridge Pattern


Custom Cambridge Pattern

Custom Layout of Cambridge Pattern


3. Rearrange a Pattern

Sometimes a client will see a pattern that they think is the perfect starting off point for a custom tile.  For the project below, this homeowner really liked some of the details, swirls, and overall aesthetic of the pattern, but wanted to change the colors and arrangement.  Our graphic designer spent some time re-cropping and rearranging the pattern until the client felt it was perfect for her kitchen backsplash.

Diamond accent on durango

Original Diamond Accent

Custom diamond accent

Custom Layout Diamond Accent


4. Multiply a Pattern

For this example, the client fell in love with one of the 16 deigns from our Deco Dot series.  After receiving the sample of it on a 6×6, she wanted it to look a bit more complete.  We simply repeated the pattern and altered the colors so that it transformed into one complete, centered design.  This homeowner ended up using this on the powder bathroom floor.

Original Damico Deco Dot DD56

Original Damico Deco Dot DD56

Custom Pattern Deco Dot

Custom Damico Deco Dot DD56


5. Create a Complimentary Pattern

This project below is actually a collaboration that is in the works with the talented lifestyle blogger, Mara at M Loves M.  We can’t give away too much information, but we have been working with her on a custom tile for her master bath shower and needed to create a complimentary accent tile for her shower niche.  She wanted to play off of the Catalina pattern and create something that looked similar but also popped.  Make sure to keep your eyes out for the final reveal!

Catalina Shower layout

Custom Catalina and Shower Niche Options

Custom Catalina Shower Layout

Second option for the Custom Catalina Accent


As always, our custom capabilities are virtually endless at StoneImpressions.  So if you have an idea and not sure if it’s possible, don’t hesitate to give us a call at (858) 274-3400 to brainstorm with one of our graphic designers.  Fore more information on our other custom abilities, head to https://stoneimpressions.com/stoneimpressions-2/custom-tile-design/.