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Custom Murals

Make changes to any of our existing murals! We can remove or add elements to any mural, personalize wine murals, and change the dimensions! A mural that’s typically shown as a square can easily be changed to a rectangle so that you are never limited in your options.

Nautical Fireplace Sketch
Nautical Fireplace Layout
Nautical Fireplace

With a specific vision of changing our Sea Voyage mural into a stunning fireplace install, we created their perfect custom mural based off of a customer provided sketch (left). The Sea Voyage was specially sized and extended with additional water and sky added in to fit the required dimensions. The customer requested to have additional boats added into the corners, as well as using our pre-existing sailboat accents artwork. We loved taking this space from a sketch to fruition!

Belle Mural

A favorite of our pattern murals, the Belle Mural has had many customizations since we introduced it! Here is the original Belle Mural artwork as designed.

Custom Belle with Quote
The customer wanted to remove the background scroll work and incorporate text into the mural. We provided several different layout options before this one was ultimately selected!
Custom Belle Arch Mural
Desiring the arched look, but not wanting to actually cut the stone, the customer opted to go with an arched artwork effect which turned out great!
Cynara Mural

The Cynara mural is an example of how to customize any of our many still life murals!

Cynara mural with custom Fruit

Our customer wanted to have the seashells removed, extra fruit added to the fruit bowl, and additional artichokes placed where the seashells were removed.

Wine Mural Personalization

One of our most popular and requested personalization is to replace text, wine labels, and miscellaneous items in our murals. Customizing labels with your name, favorite type of wine, or memorable dates is the perfect way to make a mural truly special. Any element of a mural may be removed and replaced with different artwork, and you can mix and match from any existing mural to create you own custom masterpiece. See below how three murals were merged into one design to create a completely new image – complete with custom wine bottles!

Wine Mural Customization options
French Delight Mural

Original French Delight Mural

French Delight Mural with custom labels

Custom French Delight Mural with a name-change on the label and custom text on the crate.

Vin Blanc Mural

Original Vin Blanc Mural

Vin Blanc mural with custom labels

Custom Vin Blanc Mural with custom labels on the wine bottles, addition of the red wine glass from Vin Rouge Mural and custom text on barrel.

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