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Color with us!

Download our coloring book and add your own touch of creativity to some of our favorite designs:

StoneImpressions Coloring Book

Layout and Sizing

Create custom layouts from pre-existing patterns. Add, remove, or reorganize any element of the design to create a one of a kind pattern.
Alston Lola Carrara Product Shot

Original Layout

Alston Lola Pattern

Custom Alston Oro Carrara Rendering

Final Custom Layout

Alston Lola Pattern

Custom Scale & Renderings

Pattern scales may be reduced or enlarged to suit your installation space and preference. Custom layouts are available upon request to show how a different scale or tile size may change the entire appearance of your space. For example, these layouts (right) show the difference between using the Pirouette pattern on a 6×6 vs. 8×8 tile and the different visual that is ultimately created.

Customization options involving custom cuts
Customization options involving custom cuts

View in Your Space

See how different tiles will look in your exact space! All we need is a well lit, complete photo of your space (and exact dimensions are always helpful!) and we can create a digital rendering to show exactly how the tiles will look in your home.

Mural Sizing

Any of our murals may be sized to different dimensions or orientations than originally shown! Typically, these changes can be done without any additional custom art fees. If, for example, you would like a typical vertical mural to become a horizontal, we can “build out” the sides to make the dimensions work without warping the artwork!

An example of the Clermont Symmetric mural, all shown in a 32″ high x 54″ wide space. From left to right, you can see the difference between a 24″ h x 36″ w, 24″ h x 30″ w, and 18″ h x 36″ w mural and how it changes the look of not only the artwork itself, but the overall impact of the installation space.

Need it Faster?

Explore our Artisan Stone Tile collection of quick ship products in

pre-determined colors, sizes, and stone types!

Artisan Stone Tile Logo by StoneImpressions 2017

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