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We’re starting off 2019 with all things custom!  We recently collaborated with lifestyle Orange County Blogger, Mara Ferreira, who designed her own tile for her master bath renovation, and it inspired us to share more of our custom capabilities.  Our customizing process is one of the things that makes us unique from other tile companies. It turns the client into the designer and the possibilities are endless.

Today we’re going to kick off this custom series with Part 1, which will show you how simple it is to turn one of your sketches or drawings into a personalized tile.  One of the many reasons we love using customer supplied images is because it lets the client have all the creative control and it will make a space completely unique!  Today Hilary, our social media manager, takes one of her own charcoal sketches and has it printed onto a 12×12 piece of Thassos.   Keep scrolling to go step-by-step through our custom process.

Step One: Choose Image

We leave step one up to you!  The options are virtually limitless when it comes to picking out an image for us to transfer onto stone.  Over the years we have had clients send in photographs they have taken on vacation, paintings by children, and hand-drawn sketches and prints.  TIP: Make sure to choose an image that is not under copyright

Hand sketch

Step Two:  Send us the Artwork

There are a few ways you can get the artwork to us.  If you are using a photograph taken on your camera, you can simply email us the attachment and you’re all set.  If you are using original artwork such as a sketch or print, you can take a high resolution photo of it to send to us, OR you can ship it to us and we can scan it in for you!  For this example, Hilary took a photo of her original artwork to email it to our graphic designers. TIP: Make sure that the photo you are sending us is high resolution and from head on so the image will not get pixelated or skewed when transferred.

Photographing hand sketch

Hand sketch photo

Step Three: Pick your Stone Type and Dimensions

Now we’re getting to the fun part.  Once you send us the image, simply let us know what dimensions and stone type you would like to see your work of art on.  If you are unsure of how it will look, we can always send you a rendering that will show you the scale and proportions.  You can go HERE to see a list of the stone types we carry.  Again, the possibilities are numerous here.  You can choose to keep your image on one piece of stone like Hilary did, or you can enlarge your image over multiple tiles to create a mural.  TIP: You are also able to supply your own stone for us to print on, simply ship the material to our warehouse

Hand sketch digital

Step Four: Wait for your Personalized Stone!

And now for the most exciting part!  After you pick out your stone type and size, the final step is to simply wait for it to be produced.  We are able to create your personalized tile in just 10 business days.  Once you receive your tiles, make sure to send us a photo of it installed!  TIP: We love re-posting your projects on our social media so make sure to tag us!

Finished sketch vs stone



And just like that, you have a completely unique, one-of-a-kind personalized tile or mural for your home.  For any questions you have about our custom process, give us a call at (858) 274-3400 and one of our designers will help you.


For more about our custom process, head to our website: CUSTOM PROCESS