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About Us

StoneImpressions sets the precedent for creating gorgeous, timeless, decorative stone tiles with virtually limitless options.

Each tile is hand selected and inspected before production, ensuring the highest quality stone possible is utilized to create your tile.

Our tiles are manufactured in a state-of-the-art warehouse in San Diego, California for distribution across the country and in Canada.

Our Confidence Guarantee

StoneImpressions designs and manufactures all tiles sold by StoneImpressions and Artisan Stone Tile in San Diego, California; it is truly a “Made in America” product. We began manufacturing in 2000, and have continually invested in research and development. Today’s product is not only beautiful; it’s extremely durable, backed by the research and development. Much of what we make is custom, to our customers’ tastes, selections, and specifications. We promise to provide outstanding customer service on all custom products – from conception to final execution. We guarantee to use the finest stone tile possible. We guarantee to pay liveable wages to every employee, and unlike most manufacturers of decorative tiles, we promise we will not export our jobs to other countries. We promise you’ll enjoy working with our responsible and caring staff and that you’ll be happy and excited with our product, enjoying it for many years.

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