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Find answers to the most Frequently Asked Questions at StoneImpressions. From ordering to production times and proper installation, you can find the information you need below. Have questions? Please contact our team today by clicking here.

Can I order my tile directly from you?

StoneImpressions and Artisan Stone Tile products are sold in authorized showrooms, tile shops, and dealers throughout the United States and Canada. You can find your local dealer by visiting our Showroom Locator page.

What if I can’t find a dealer in my area?

We are always happy to help you find a local tile shop that sells our products. Please give us a call at (800) 350-3003. You may also visit our Contact page to send us a message.

Production Times

How long will it take to recieve my tiles?


StoneImpressions products are made to order and may take approximately 3-5 weeks to produce plus regular shipping time. Custom orders may require a longer lead time.

Rush services and expedited shipping options are available. Contact your dealer to find out more information.

Artisan Stone Tile

While we try to maintain plentiful stock of our product, at times we may need to produce more tiles to fulfill an order. We offer expedited production of 2-3 weeks plus transit time.

Where to Install

Where can your products be installed?

Both StoneImpressions and Artisan Stone Tile products arrive fully sealed with a three part acrylic sealant and may be installed in backsplashes, light residential flooring and intermittent vertical wet spaces.

Our product is not safe for installation:

  • Outdoors

  • In submerged wet areas to include pools, fountains, shower pans (floors)

  • In steam showers or saunas

  • Heavy traffic flooring areas

  • Commercial flooring


Installation and Care
Note to Homeowner: We hope you will enjoy your tiles for years to come! We strongly encourage our decorative tiles to be installed by a professional, who should receive and read this document prior to installation. If you elect to install our tiles yourself, please follow the following general guidelines for installation and care.

Inspection Requirement

• All products should be inspected and approved before installation begins.
• Allow tiles to dry set for 24 hours after they have been unpacked and inspected.
• Installation of the product signifies acceptance.
• In the event you receive incorrect material, or are missing a portion of your order we ask that you notify us within 30 days of receipt of package. Replacement items will be shipped at no cost via the same method that the items were originally shipped.
• Claims of damage must be reported within 48 hours of receipt of the material. Freight companies require that all product, boxes, and packing materials be saved for inspection.
• Tile should be stored in a dry area where temperatures will not dip below freezing.
• Variations of shade and color are inherent in any natural stone product. Certain types of stone tiles have naturally occurring holes or veins running through them. Your product will have surface variations throughout the design. All natural stones have unique natural variations and inclusions. For this reason, all items should be unpacked and inspected prior to installation, as StoneImpressions cannot accept claims for variation in any stone after installation.

Suitable Installation Areas

Our tiles arrive sealed with a clear, strong, three part acrylic topcoat.

APPROVED Installation Spaces:
• Intermittent wet spaces such as shower walls
• Backsplashes
• Light traffic flooring

• In any application where the tiles will be submerged in water, such as fountains or pools
• On shower floors
• In steam showers or saunas
• In outdoor spaces
• High traffic flooring

When installed on shower walls, a high quality waterproofing system, such as Schulter or Laticrete, should be used. Stone is VERY porous and the decorative tiles should never be submerged in water.

IMPORTANT: Tape & Moisture Barriers

• When stone is installed on a concrete slab at ground level, it is the responsibility of the buyer and installer to ensure that a proper moisture barrier is in place prior to installation.

IMPORTANT: Cutting & Sealing Tile

• Use a wet saw to cut tile, with the design facing up.
• Allow to completely air dry on a dry surface, then use penetrating sealer to seal all cut edges. Follow sealant instructions.
• Surface of stone and grout must be sealed after installation with a high grade penetrating sealer. Reapply sealant annually.
• Miter cutting the edges of thin stone is very difficult and not recommended as it applies excessive pressure on the art layer and can cause delamination.

Grouting & Adhesive

• We recommend grouting material using at least a 1/8” grout joint. Grout should be sealed and regularly maintained.
• Use non-sanded grout only. Do not use grout that is pre-sealed, or has glass aggregates.
• Metal spatulas, trowels, or other tools should be avoided. Rubber, plastic, or some combination of poly/rubber/plastic float may be used.
• We have not tested every grouting product on the market, so it is always advisable to test first.
• Adhesive should be specified for use with Natural Stone: typically a White Thinset or Medium Bed Mortar should be used.
• Mastic or premixed adhesive is not recommended.

Tile Sizing

• Tile sizes are nominal and exact measurements will vary by stone type.

Heat Advisory & Countertops

• If tile is being installed behind or above a professional grade stove, please confirm the correct size riser is being used in accordance with the stove manufacturer’s recommendations to ensure combustible wall material is properly protected from prolonged exposure to high heat. This includes tile, dry wall, and wood studs used in standard “to code” construction.
• Tiles may withstand temperatures below 250 degrees and may be installed on a fireplace mantel so long as no flames or excessive temperatures will reach the tiled area.
• Tiles have not been tested for use in temperatures below freezing.
• Stone is relatively soft, so we do not recommend installation of our tile on kitchen counter-tops.

Continuing Care and Cleaning

• Stone is a natural product, and care should be taken to protect it from harsh abrasive cleaners and abrasive
cleaning tools.
• Cleaning can be done with a soft cloth, warm water, and non-acidic soap or a pH neutral stone cleaner.
• Tile surfaces should be protected from scratches, and should be cared for as you would care for the finish of your kitchen appliances—for example, your
microwave, dishwasher, stove, refrigerator, or a wooden floor. Our finishes are tough and durable, but need to be protected from scratching.
• AVOID ANY CARE PRODUCTS THAT CONTAIN THE FOLLOWING: Abrasives, phosphoric acids, scouring powders, chlorine, acetone, or glycolic acids. We also recommend you avoid brushes and scouring pads.
• Never use an electric scrubber/buffer, any rotary tools, etc. Follow sealer maintenance schedule recommended by sealer manufacturer.
• As part of a normal maintenance procedure, all StoneImpressions products require re-sealing on a regular basis. Follow maintenance schedule recommended by sealer manufacturer.
• StoneImpressions does not warranty, and will not be responsible for any claims regarding sealers.

Add On Orders

• If an add-on of material is required, please send us detailed photos and/or a control sample of the material to be matched.
• Please send exact measurements of tile, so we may try to select similar material.
• If photos/control sample and measurements are not provided, we cannot guarantee that the new product will match original material in sizing or surface variation and shading.
• If you do not provide photos or a control sample, material on this order will not be eligible for return, refund or exchange.

Confidence Guarantee

StoneImpressions designs and manufactures all tiles sold by StoneImpressions and Artisan Stone Tile in San Diego, California; it is truly a “Made in America” product. We began manufacturing in 2000, and have continually invested in research and development. Today’s product is not only beautiful, it’s extremely durable. This is backed by the research and development. Much of what we make is custom, to our customers tastes, selections, and specifications. We promise to provide outstanding customer service on all custom products – from conception to final execution. We guarantee to use the finest stone tile possible. We guarantee to pay liveable wages to every employee, and unlike most manufacturers of decorative tiles, we promise we will not export our jobs to other countries. We promise you’ll enjoy working with our responsible and caring staff and that you’ll be happy and excited with our product, enjoying it for many years.


PhotoStone LLC, dba StoneImpressions provides product information and information concerning certain installation procedures and maintenance practices to assist its customers in making selection, usage, installation, and maintenance decisions. It is the responsibility of the customer and/or the customer’s installer to prepare any installation requirement to meet the owner/customer’s approval. The customer’s selection and usage of StoneImpressions products and the installation procedure and maintenance practice employed are outside the direction and control of StoneImpressions and are strictly and completely the choice and responsibility of each customer. StoneImpressions does not warranty any product for any specific use, nor any installation procedure or maintenance practice. StoneImpressions expressly disclaims all claims asserted after customer installation or use of StoneImpressions products.

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