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One thing that sets us apart from any other tile manufacturer in the industry is our ability to customize.  There is nothing worse than mustering up the courage to plan a home renovation and being disappointed with the final look.  Being able to choose exactly the tile you put in your home will ensure that you will be happy with your remodel.  What most companies categorize as custom work, we provide with no additional cost or lead time through our StoneImpressions line.  

Custom color caprice listello

1. Stone Type: 

We offer different stone types at StoneImpressions.  Selecting which stone you want for your pattern or mural is incredibly important in setting the tone and style for your space.  For example, if you want to create a “modern farmhouse” look, you would want to choose a white marble.  If you’re trying to transform your kitchen into a  Spanish Hacienda, you would want to choose limestone or light travertine.  
StoneImpressions natural stone options

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2. Stone Size:

Scale is important when considering the space your tile is being installed in.  We can easily change the scale and dimensions of our tiles and murals based on your need.  You can select from sizes 2×2, 4×4, 6×6, 8×8, 12×12, and 18×18.  Our murals are available in any dimension and can be made to fit in any space.  Below is an example of a rendering we can create for you in order to see how the size of a pattern will look. 

Insight fireplace installation

Contemporary living room with fireplace ant two long chair – rendering


Insight fireplace installation smaller scale

Contemporary living room with fireplace ant two long chair – rendering

3.  Color

Almost all of our patterned tiles are offered in multiple color ways.  Choosing the color of your tile will set the tone in your space.  You can decide to go bold with a bright, eye-catching color or stay neutral and let the design do the talking. 

4. Layout Options 

If you have an idea in mind but can’t quite visualize how it’s going to look, we are happy to create renderings for you.  Here are some examples below:
So if you’re still wondering how our made-to-order process works, we will break it down for you in five easy steps:
1. Pick your pattern or mural
2. Choose your stone type
3. Choose your stone size
4. Choose from the colors listed 
5. Wait for your made-to-order tile to be delivered!