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Custom Color and Color Matching

Change, add, or match any colors in any pattern. Easily the most popular customization for our products, you can match to paint colors, cabinets, material, and more. Strike offs are created for final approval on any job involving custom color.

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For this custom Alston Aliso pattern, the designer wanted to change the blue and greys in the original pattern to match and coordinate with a lovely green fabric being used to upholster furniture in the same room!

Original Color
Original Color

Our customer was in love with this gorgeous blue color running through their fabric and wanted to incorporate that blue into the Dulcet Pattern! The black in the Dulcet was color matched to the blue, and the grey removed to show off more of the natural stone.

This customer just needed the subtlest color change to make the Eliana Pattern the perfect fit for their home! The original green was tweaked ever so slightly to bring in more of the teal/blue tones of the customer’s other textiles. No change is ever too small to make a difference!

Original Color (Left) & Custom (Right)

Seeking a more monochromatic, subtle look with the detailed Heirloom pattern she loved so much, the designer for this project took advantage of our breathtaking white ink technology to capture the neutral, organic look she was seeking for her tile. One of our favorite looks for the year!

Original Color

This designer fell in love with the details and repeat of the Sanza pattern but adored the color palette on our Davenport Peach-Clay pattern. Well, it was an easy fix! We simply took the colors from Davenport she loved so much and adjusted the Sanza to mimic the same calming, gorgeous color scheme that was JUST right for this kitchen.

With a color match to this precious polka-dot fabric and a simple crop change, the Medina pattern was transformed completely! We love this sweet pattern and could see it fitting perfectly into the cutest girls bathroom!

Original Color
We love seeing multiple designs used throughout a home! This customer used a variety of designs, the Cabrillo Pattern, Lattice Pattern, and a custom Bristol Deco Dot – all customized to the same color palette of paint chips! Utilizing this option, our homeowners can create a different look in any room while using a consistent color scheme to tie it all together.

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