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We are excited to finally reveal our most recent tile collaboration with Jenna Sue Design, featuring StoneImpressions’ patterned tile in her “Modern Moroccan” ensuite bathroom remodel. Jenna Sue is a DIY influencer and designer who shares stunning DIY home projects with her 350k Instagram followers. We love Jenna’s use of our Miabella Pattern tile in her latest Florida home renovation dubbed the “Hacienda Hideaway”.

Check out the renovation process on this Moroccan-style guest bathroom below!

Choosing the Right Patterned Tile

According to Jenna, she wanted her ensuite bathroom to encompass Mediterranean style with Moroccan influence, a muted earthy palette, and organic elements like brass and wood tones. After browsing our made to order and quick ship collections, she settled on the Miabella tile. She loved the softness of the Seaglass colorway combined with our luxurious honed Thassos stone option. Jenna wanted to create a tile rug with the tile, so she also used the coordinating listello and corner tiles from the Miabella collection to border the center pattern design. As part of our made to order collection, the Miabella tile may be produced in any size on any of our stone types which gave Jenna a little more leeway with her layout.  Learn more about our made to order collection on our website.

miabella tile in seaglass

The Miabella Tile and Listellos in Seaglass on honed Thassos

The Renovation Plans

Check out Jenna’s design plans for the Hacienda Hideaway Ensuite bathroom below! What were the key design elements for her remodel? According to Jenna; an arched shower opening, Zellige shower tile, and light blue Moroccan floor tile with natural wood and brass accents were among her must haves.

Renovation tip: creating renderings and mood boards like the one below are a great way to make sure all of the design elements and materials blend together cohesively.

Jenna Sue bathroom remodel plans featuring the Miabella tile in seaglass


The Renovation Process

As you can see from the before images, Jenna and her husband put in a lot of work to transform this beige and boring bathroom! Unfortunately, the install process itself was not without a few issues, as noted in this snippet from Jenna’s blog:

“Install day arrived and I couldn’t contain my excitement! Until our installers discovered that the walls were not square at all—see the border row of tile on the far left? That edge is square, which meant we’d have a large gap in the lower left corner. Because this tile is like a puzzle and all of the pieces have to fit together in a perfect square, there was no room for error and we had to come up with a Plan B.”

Modern Moroccan bathroom remodel with the miabella tile in sea glass on thassos

Here are a few snap shots of the bathroom before and during the renovation process

Fortunately they were able to quickly come up with a new plan!

“I decided the best solution was to create a new border using plain white marble 4×8′ tile to help hide the uneven edges, and inset the entire mural so it becomes more of a ’tile rug.’ Stone Impressions sent over the new border tile and our installers got to work. As is often the case, Plan B actually turned out even better than Plan A. I absolutely love the added white border—and our installers were able to make it so that you don’t even notice the uneven sides!”

Let’s check out the final reveal below…

The Results

Have you ever seen such a stunning bathroom transformation? Jenna calls the Miabella tile rug the “star of the show”, and we have to agree! We love this Modern Moroccan tile bathroom remodel for many reasons, but our favorite aspect of this space is that it pulls design elements from multiple styles and results in a completely unique look! It’s easy to create carbon copy bathrooms now a days, and we love that Jenna designed an innovative and timeless bathroom that is unlike any other.

The Miabella tile in Sea Glass on thassos in bathroom remodel

Jenna featured white, square Zellige tiles and brushed gold hardware and fixtures for a muted and minimalist look. By adding neutral tiles in the shower, this let the Miabella centerpiece floor mural become the focal point in the bathroom.  We love this technique as sometimes adding too much pattern in one space may make it feel small and cluttered.

The Miabella tile in seaglass on bathroom floor remodel

We also love the use of the coordinating Miabella listellos to create the border around the center pattern. The Miabella listellos are not necessary when using the Miabella center design, but are great to utilize when creating tile rugs or murals.

The Miabella tile in Sea Glass on thassos in bathroom remodel

One of the more interesting and innovative additions to this bathroom is Jenna’s use of shiplap on the walls. Jenna chose it for her modern Moroccan remodel because “vertical shiplap was a relatively simple and affordable way to cover the old textured walls, add visual interest, and make the room appear taller.”

Miabella tile in Sea Glass on honed thassos in bathroom remodel

Besides the modern Moroccan tile rug, our favorite detail from this remodel is the DIY archway leading into the shower!  Adding archways to transitional spaces has become one of our favorite trends in home remodels.

the Miabella tile in Sea Glass on honed thassos in bathroom remodel

the Miabella tile in Sea Glass on thassos in bathroom remodel

the Miabella tile in seaglass on thassos in bathroom remodel

Head to Jenna’s blog for a more in depth look at the renovation process and more insight on her budget. For the full reveal of this Modern Moroccan Tile Ensuite bathroom, head HERE.

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