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A newcomer to our quick-ship program, the Stella pattern is a part of our 2021 Artisan Stone Tile Collection. While it has not been a part of our collection for long, Stella has made quite an impact already.

This decorative tile presents a fresh take on traditional, circular tile designs. It lets you modernize your home and create interiors that are truly timeless. Marked by a simple, yet lively design, the Stella tile can breathe new life into a variety of spaces and pairs well with a multitude of design styles.

Today, we are showcasing Stella’s versatility and outlining a few of the ways you can use this patterned tile design with three different design aesthetics. Keep reading to gain inspiration and see how you can feature the Stella tile in your interior!


1. Organic Modern

Stella patterned tile collection in wildberry on carrara mood board

Organic, modern style is best known for its airy colorways, subdued textures, and organic materials featured throughout multiple components of the overall design.

To engender this aesthetic in your interior with the Stella design, loop in the following elements in your overall design plan: natural wood, hand-woven decor, soft earth tones, and ample nature-inspired design elements.

When crafting an organic modern room with this pattern, start by selecting items that match or play off the dominant and accent colors in the Stella tile design. Using these colors as a guide for which design elements you ultimately select will make for a cohesive space! And it will help you strategically select which elements you pepper into your overall design. Remember: with organic modern spaces, less is more!


2. Southwestern

Stella patterned tile collection in wildberry on perle blanc southwestern mood board

When you think of Southwestern style, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?

We would venture you conjured up a Southwestern print, featuring rich, desert-toned colors and intricate, repeating details. Southwestern design style is predominantly known for its earth-toned colorways, hand-crafted objects, rough textures, brightly colored woven fabrics, and an abundance of terracotta or clay.

If you’re looking to design a Southwestern-style space with the Stella pattern, pick a tile body that matches this design style’s rustic energy. Here, we selected the Stella tile on Perle Blanc because this tile body type adds character and old-world charm to this alluring design. Furthermore, we also opted to use the Wildberry colorway so that we could easily feature some of the warm hues typically seen in this design style. Add in a clay-crafted Kiva fireplace and you’re all set with your Southwestern space!


3. Shaker Style

Stella patterned tile collection in true blue on perle blanc shaker style mood board

When it comes to Shaker style the motto is: keep it simple. Characterized by minimalist colors, clean lines, subtle decor, and ample natural light, Shaker style is known for its understated aesthetic.

To create this look with the Stella tile, reach for a classic color and tile body combination. For this design mood board, we selected the Stella tile in the colorway True Blue on Perle Blanc. This provincial tile base combined with refined blue hues seamlessly loops into the paired-back look of this design style. Add in functional wood furniture, classic cabinetry, and white ceramic accents and your Shaker-style space is ready to shine.


Feeling Inspired?

With that, you now have three unique ideas for how you can feature the Stella collection in your interior. Ready to see Stella light up your interior? Discover where you can buy StoneImpressions tile through our Showroom Locator today.

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