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Say hello to one of the most versatile patterns from our 2021 Artisan Stone Tile collection: the Jax patterned tile!

Featuring a simple, floral design that creates a windowpane effect, the Jax tile is available on either honed Carrara or tumbled Perle Blanc limestone. Available in four, rich colorways (Blueberry, Caramel, Juniper, Plum), this decorative tile complements a wide variety of design styles and brings subtle sophistication to any interior.

Today, we want to highlight a few of the ways we imagine using the Jax patterned tile to complement different design styles. Keep reading to discover tile inspiration for your next project!


1. Whimsical

Looking to create a space that feels playful, lighthearted, and elegant? Add plenty of patterns and colors to your design palette! The whimsical design style is best known for its use of unexpected color, pattern, and texture combinations.

To create a whimsical space that features the Jax design, choose the Plum colorway on honed Carrara.

Then, find elements that bring color, texture, pattern, and dimension to your space. The key here is to be intentional and find items you can layer in harmoniously, without making the interior feel overwhelmed.

Consider including accents, like vibrant statement furniture or luxurious marble, that will add refined visual interest to your space. Finally, complete your interior with a playful chandelier that acts as a functional focal point.


Jax Patterned Tile in Plum on honed Carrara Mood Board


2. Coastal Classic

Like the whimsical design style, coastal design style is distinguished by a few, key elements. Namely, it is known for its relaxed aesthetic, neutral color schemes, nautical themes, and natural elements.

If you are looking to create a classic, coastal interior with the Jax tile, select the Blueberry colorway on honed Carrara. This crisp combination can create a striking kitchen or bathroom vanity backsplash in any coastal interior.

Next, pair the tile with traditional, blue cabinetry and oversized, natural elements, like a quartz island or driftwood sculpture, to make your space feel bright and beachy. Last but not least, add in blue-and-white striped curtains, or other nautical-inspired decor, to complete your coastal interior.


Jax collection in Blueberry on Carrara mood board


3. Ranch House

If we had to use one word to describe ranch house design style it would be rustic.

Ranch-style homes commonly feature elements like exposed wood beam ceilings, metal accents, and rich, earth-toned color palettes.

To create a cozy, ranch-style interior, use the Jax tile in the Caramel colorway on tumbled Limestone. Then, incorporate natural, statement pieces in your space, like a custom wood dining table or an exposed natural stone accent wall. Finish off your rustic interior with decorative firewood, metal artwork, and leather or woven accents.


Jax patterned tile collection in carmel on perle blanc mood board


What Do You Think?

Did any of the Jax tile styles spark inspiration? Let us know in the comments below! Learn more about the Jax patterned tile, or visit our Showroom Locator today to find a distributor in your area.

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