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What is a Listello?

A listello is a border tile, which can be used to accent your space and add visual interest to your floors or walls.

Because of their installation location and size, listellos are a great way to add a unique design element to your space, without overwhelming it!

Below, you can find a visual example of this type of decorative tile.

Holland Listello

Holland Listello


Today, we’re walking you through the most important aspects of listellos.

From sizing and stone types to installation spaces and more, you’ll find the information you need to confidently answer the question: What in the world is a listello?

Let’s dive in!


Border Tile Sizing


As we mentioned above, listellos are border or trim pieces of tile, designed to accent your floors or walls.

These tiles come in a variety of sizes and can be customized to fit the specific needs of your space or project.

At StoneImpressions, our accent tiles are offered in the following sizes:

  • 2×4
  • 2×6
  • 3×6
  • 4×8
  • 6×12

It’s worth noting that different border sizes can affect the proportions of the overall design.

To better exemplify this, let’s compare the 3×6 listello size and the 2×6 listello size!

Below is our Altalena Carina border tile on 3×6 Limestone.


Altalena Listello 3x6

Altalena Carina Listello 3×6 Limestone


And here is the same Altalena Carina border tile, but on 2×6 Limestone.


Altalena Listello 2x6

Altalena Carina Listello 2×6 Limestone


In the 3×6 size, the proportions of the original design remain the same.

In the 2×6 size, however, the border size impacts the proportions of the design, making it appear slightly shorter and wider than the 3×6 listello we examined initially.

It’s important to consider how the design you select will look in different sizes. If you are unsure about how a design will appear in various scales, do not hesitate to request a visualization, or request a sample.

Our team can easily send you a visualization of a specific listello in different scales so you can get an accurate idea of how the final design will turn out.


Listello Stone Types


Listellos come in a variety of materials, like ceramic, porcelain, glass, or natural stone.

At StoneImpressions, our trim pieces are offered on several natural stone types, such as:

  • Tumbled Botticino
  • Carrara
  • Arctic White
  • Tumbled Unfilled Light Travertine
  • Limestone
  • Honed Durango
  • Tumbled Perle Blanc
  • Thassos
  • Tumbled Durango


StoneImpressions stone options
Starting from top left: Tumbled Botticino, Carrara, Light Travertine, Limestone, Homed Durango, Tumbled Perle Blanc, Thassos, Tumbled Durango


Just like size, stone type can also impact the overall design of your border tile.

Take, for example, our Marseille listello in the colorway Matte Blue.

Below, the border tile is shown on Thassos.


Marseille Listello Thassos

Marseille Listello on Thassos


And here we have the Marseille border tile on Limestone.


Marseille Listello Limestone

Marseille Listello Limestone


Notice how each stone type subtly alters the look of the final listello in terms of color, dimension, and depth.

Because stone type can impact the overall appearance of your trim pieces, consider your border tile materials carefully! Take your time to find a natural stone type that perfectly complements the design and aesthetic of your border tile.


Listello Installation Locations


One of our favorite things about listellos is that they can add color and interest to a room without overwhelming the space.

All you need is a pop of pattern!

The key to balancing a single pattern with your space is where you install your pattern.

Some of the most common listello installation locations we’ve seen are:

  • Accenting kitchen backsplashes
  • Accenting shower walls
  • Accenting powder room border
  • Accenting entryway border rug
  • Accenting bathroom floors as tile rugs

Below are some of our favorite examples of listello installations we’ve helped create over the years:



Devonshire rug installation

The Ballad Listello


Our Favorite Listellos


Looking for a little listello inspiration? You’ve come to the right place!

While we love all our listellos equally, we must admit that we do have a few favorites. Peruse our favorite trim pieces, below!


Caprice listello and corners
Caprice Collection

Custom Listellos


Searching for a border tile that speaks uniquely to you? Consider creating a custom listello!

Our custom tile capabilities are virtually endless, which means you can design a custom border for your space, and you can get any of our pre-existing listello designs in whatever size you may need.

One of our favorite ways to customize listellos is by incorporating design elements from other patterns in our collections.

For example, one of our clients wanted a matching border to go with their Crystal tile from our Artisan Collection of quick-ship tiles. We worked with them to create a custom trim piece that incorporated the same design elements and the result (shown below) turned out stunning!

Custom Crystal Listello Bronze Rendering

Another way we can customize a listello for you is by taking a design element out of one of our made-to-order pattern tiles and scaling it to the size you want.

Below is an example of how we took our normally square Wallflowers tile and transformed it into a 2×6 border tile!


Wallflowers Pepper Listello Custom Tile


Wrapping Up


We hope that you can now confidently answer the question: What in the world is a listello?

No matter the size, stone type, or design, a border tile gives you the opportunity to showcase your design style and tie together your entire space.

Inspired by your new listello learnings? Explore our Accent Tiles Collections today to see our in-stock listellos!

Or, if you’ve already found the border tile of your design dreams, head on over to our Showroom Locator to find an approved dealer in your local area.

Still have lingering questions about trim pieces? Let’s connect! Contact us today so our team can get you the information you need.