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How to Tile Stair Risers With Tile

Decorative tiles for stair risers are all the rage right now. And it’s no wonder! With a limited amount of material and time, you can completely transform your home in just a couple of days.

Today, we are outlining a few of our favorite tips for how to style your staircase and incorporate decorative tile into your overall design. Discover installation inspiration and more, below!


Tip 1: Keep Your Tile Color Neutral But Go Bold With Design

Create subtle sophistication in your interior by picking a tile with a neutral color palette.

For example, look at the project below. This is a perfect example of how to use a subdued colorway to introduce a bold pattern into your design.

Ella pattern tile Stair Install

Design by Kym at BattagliaStile, Photo by Adam Taylor

Again, here the client chose the beige color option from the Ella Collection and paired it with a cool-toned limestone to keep this Spanish Revival home feeling rustic and unique.

Ella (Jute) on Perle Blanc Stair Install

Design by Kym at BattagliaStile, Photo by Adam Taylor


Tip 2: Select a Unique Tile Design for Every Riser

We have to admit, this next style for designing a staircase is our favorite!

Create an eye-catching and one-of-a-kind statement in your home by using a unique tile design for each stair riser.

 While it may seem daunting to choose collections that will fit together cohesively, the trick is to not overthink it!

You can mix and match different color palettes, or choose designs that all feature a similar colorway, like the staircase below.

Decorative tile alternating stair risers

Design: Luann Development, Photo by Adam Taylor


Stair risers decorative tile

Design: Luann Development Photo by Adam Taylor


Tip 3: Alternate Decorative Tile on Every Other Step

If you want to keep things mostly neutral with just a hint of pattern, try adding a decorative tile to every other step.

This is the perfect solution for people who want a little bit of pattern and a little bit of minimalistic flair.

Take a look at three interiors below that feature this alternate decorative tile design for stair risers.

Cabrillo pattern as stair risers in lido house hotel

Lido House Hotel, Photo by Ryan Garvin


Cabrillo Pattern Stair Risers for Lido Cottage close up

Design: Blackband Design, Photo by Ryan Garvin



Tip 4: Use Decorative Tiles for Stair Risers and Other Areas of the Home 

Tie together your interior by incorporating the same decorative tile in other spaces of your home.

Below, you can see two great examples of how to seamlessly tie your interior together by adding decorative tile to other spaces, like your kitchen backsplash or home bar.

Lena tile stair risers

Design: Blackband Design, photo by Tessa Nuestadt

In this space, the client opted to have our Lena Collection installed as stair risers and as a decorative bar front. The final design exudes individuality and style.

Lena Pattern On bar facade

Design: Blackband Design, Photo by Tessa Neustadt

Next up, this charming home shows you how to create a cohesive space by using decorative tile for your stair risers and for your kitchen backsplash.

Chapman tile on carrara on stair riser

Design: Alison Designs, Photo by Luke Gibson

In this space, the client used our Chapman collection to create an inviting staircase and kitchen backsplash.

By strategically adding the patterned tile in these two central locations, the design team created a home that feels balanced yet unexpeted.

Chapman kitchen backsplash in blue on carrara

Design: Alison Designs, Photo by Luke Gibson


Wrapping Up

As we mentioned before, the great thing about adding decorative tiles to your staircase is that this project does not take much time or tile to complete. After a few days, you can completely transform your stair risers and make your interior feel brand new. Discover our array of Made to Order pattern tiles or our quick-ship Artisan Stone Tile designs today to see which pattern might suit your stairs.

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