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Need a refresher on our natural stone options? You’re on the right page! You may have noticed that we have added stunning new natural stone options to our StoneImpressions made to order collection! Today we’re taking a closer look at all of our natural stone tiles and showing examples of how our patterned tile designs look on a variety of stone types.

StoneImpressions 2022 tile designs on different natural stone options

New Limestone Options

We are excited to announce that we have added two new Limestone options to our made to order collection. Our new Dappled Perle Blanc has straight edges with a textured finish, giving it a rough dimensional feel. Our new Linen Perle Blanc features straight edges and a raked finish that creates subtle textured lines across the surface. Get a close up look at them below:

Two New StoneImpressions natural stone options perle blanc limestone

These new stone options are timeless and look stunning with both modern and traditional designs. With their grey-beige coloring, these natural stone finishes will give your patterned tiles an organic and earthy feel while still letting the colors of your pattern shine. Curious how our new 2022 designs look on these tiles? See for yourself below!

Santos (Black) Bar Backsplash

The Santos tile is shown in the Black colorway on 6×6 Dappled Perle Blanc.


Pendulum (Warm Grey) Kitchen Backsplash

The Pendulum tile in the Warm Grey colorway on 12×12 Linen Perle Blanc.

As you can see, while similar in nature and color, each surface of our new Perle Blanc tiles offers a unique twist. We always recommend ordering samples to see exactly how your pattern may look on different stone types. Need help locating a tile dealer in your area? Head to our showroom locator.

Carrara Blanco

Our popular honed Carrara Blanco tile is a wonderful choice for our unique art designs. While other varieties of Carrara marble feature dramatic or dark veining, our Carrara Blanco tiles feature grey veining that is more subdued and sophisticated. Carrara Blanco lets the pattern take center stage and looks stunning in both modern and traditional homes. As variation between lots may vary, it is always a good idea to reach out for current lot photos or request tile samples through your local showroom.

The Waterways tile in Blue on carrara blanco on fireplace surround

The Waterways tile in Blue on our 12×12 Carrara Blanco is featured in this Northern California fireplace tile surround.


Luxurious and high-end, Thassos offers a crisp, crystallized white background with no veining or variation. Blending in effortlessly with other materials, fixtures, and hardware ranging from brass handles to matte black accessories, Thassos is a timeless tile option for any space. This stone especially makes more modern and contemporary designs really pop!

The Aurum tile in Gold on honed Thassos in fireplace surround

The Aurum tile in Gold on our 6×6 Thassos is featured on this modern fireplace surround.


Our honed Limestone is a beautiful, naturally textured stone that is made from minerals that have settled on the earth’s surface over thousands of years. We love this honed Limestone option because of its versatility and ability to pair effortlessly with both modern and more traditional patterns. Our Limestone features a beige background that varies in tone and shading. We recommend requesting a current lot photo of our honed Limestone before placing an order.

The Oasis tile in black on honed limestone in kitchen backsplash

The Oasis tile in Black on 6×6 honed Limestone is featured in this modern farmhouse kitchen backsplash.

Luster Limestone

Our Luster Finish is a subtle pearlized glaze that brings further brightness and nuance to our Limestone tiles. This luxe glaze looks stunning and unique on our honed Limestone and is the perfect statement to elevate any space in your home. While Limestone is typically seen in more traditional and rustic spaces, Luster Limestone is an especially beautiful accent in contemporary and modern homes.

The Cherry Blossoms mural on our Luster Limestone finish in kitchen backsplash

The Cherry Blossoms Mural is featured on our 12×12 Luster Limestone in this kitchen backsplash.

Tumbled Perle Blanc

Our Tumbled Perle Blanc is truly unique! This stone features light beige and grey tones with lightly tumbled edges and contains fossilized shells, adding to its natural beauty. Spanish inspired designs and more rustic patterns especially look stunning on this classic and traditional natural stone option. Pairing a pattern with this lovely stone is the perfect way to add a hint of old world style to your home.

The Ella tile in Jute on our tumbled Perle Blanc 6x6 is featured as these Southern California stair risers

The Ella tile in Jute on our tumbled Perle Blanc 6×6 is featured as these Southern California stair risers.

Honed Durango

Our Honed Durango features a honed finish, straight edges, and beautiful marbling in warm tones that may vary significantly from light to dark shades. Another rustic natural stone option, Honed Durango looks great paired with more traditional designs.

The Monarch tile in Coffee on 6x6 honed Durango in modern shower backsplash

The Regent Tile in Coffee on our 6×6 honed Durango is featured on this Mediterranean shower wall.

Tumbled Durango

Our Tumbled Durango stone option is very similar to our Honed Durango, but features a tumbled edge. This beige stone will vary in shading and include natural variations from tile to tile. With all the variation in the Tumbled Durango, we recommend requesting lot photos or samples before purchasing.

The Cynara Mural on 4x4 tumbled durango in rustic kitchen backsplash over range

The Cynara mural on our 4×4 Tumbled Durango is featured in this traditional kitchen backsplash.

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