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 Looking to breathe new life into your bathroom in 2021 and beyond? Consider utilizing natural stone bathroom tiles in your next renovation home project.

Natural stone tiles are popular for bathroom installations because they add dramatic visual impact, beauty, and durability to any space.

And what’s great is that these natural stone tiles are wide-ranging in their application—they are certainly not reserved just for updating your bathroom floor!

Discover 5 unique ways you can use natural stone tiles to create the bathroom of your dreams, below.


1.   Use Natural Stone Bathroom Tiles Instead of Wallpaper

Instead of covering your bathroom with wallpaper, try using natural stone tile!

Natural stone tiles offer greater durability than traditional wallpaper options, meaning they last longer and do not need to be replaced as often.

Even though you may spend more upfront installing natural stone tiles in your bathroom, you may spend less on upkeep over time than you would recoat worn-out wallpaper.

And that’s not the only advantage natural stone tile has over wallpaper!

Thanks to their high-quality nature, natural stone tiles may even add value to your property if you choose to resell at a later point in time.

Below is a fantastic example of how you can use tile in place of standard wallpaper, featuring our Hayden pattern tile. This eye-catching backsplash gives dimension and contemporary style to this otherwise traditional space!


Hayden Bathroom installation
Hayden Collection

Another example of how you can use natural stone tiles in place of wallpaper is this incredible washroom redesign by Complete Design by Emily Gillrie and Cathy Mann Design, featuring our in-stock Evolve pattern tile on Carrara stone.

This powerhouse duo came up with an amazing plan for their client’s washroom that utilized a decorative tile to create a patterned wall effect.

The end result? A refined space that exudes elegance and unique design style!


Evolve bathroom installation
Evolve Collection


2.   Consider Natural Stone for Bathroom Floor Tiles

Updating your flooring is one of the most surefire ways to transform a space. Just think about a time when you have seen a space go from wall-to-wall carpet to hardwood flooring throughout! The difference is striking.

Depending on the size of the bathroom, adding natural stone tiles to the floor of your bathroom can either be a small, weekend project or a larger scale one.

But once they are installed natural stone tiles will give your bathroom floor much-needed durability and visual appeal.

We were lucky enough to be a part of an awesome bathroom renovation for Canadian blogger and interior designer, Jacquelyn Clark, where she transformed her outdated brown space into a classic beauty, using our in-stock Chapman pattern from our line of quick ship tiles.



We were also privy to another incredible master bath project done by the talented Jennifer Welch, which showcased a different application of natural stone tile as flooring.

This project, shown below, features a larger swath of natural stone bathroom tiles than the bathroom designed by Jacquelyn Clark.

Even though these spaces differ in the number of natural stone tiles used, both bathrooms showcase the enhanced visual appeal and versatility that natural stone brings wherever it is installed.



Alto pattern bathroom installation
Alto Collection

3.   Try Natural Stone in a Shower Niche or Wall Decorative 

Adding decorative, natural stone tile to a niche in your shower is an easy yet effective way to add design to your bathroom.


Watermark shower installation
Watermark Collection

Like we mentioned earlier, natural stone tiles add elegance and versatility to any space they are installed in, regardless of how much or how little tile is used. Shower niches are a great example of this—you do not need a significant amount of tile to complete the job. Rather, a small amount of natural stone tile will suffice to create a stunning focal point in your space. And the best part? Installing natural stone tiles in this fashion will not take months to finish!

Below is a great example of how natural stone tiles can be used to enliven a shower niche. This shower niche was designed by the talented Abby Manchesky, featuring our quick ship Crescent pattern tile.

4.   Use Natural Stone Tiles as a Shower Backsplash

If you like the idea of putting tile in your shower, but want to go bigger than a shower niche, covering your shower wall with bold, natural stone tiles is a wonderful way to totally transform your bathroom.

A shower backsplash can also be the perfect opportunity to showcase your personal sense of style. Stand out with an array of natural stone tiles or make the space uniquely yours by choosing a custom pattern tile or an artisan tile mural.

Below is a great example of how adding natural stone tiles to your shower can add personality and style to your space. This backsplash was designed by KMH Creative and features our in-stock Caprice pattern tile.


Caprice shower installation
Caprice Collection

5.   Opt for Natural Stone in Your Sink Decorative

One area of the bathroom that often goes unnoticed is the sink decorative.

To us, this is another great installation location for natural stone tiles!

If you are looking to reinvigorate your bathroom without tearing everything out, consider adding natural stone tiles as accents to your sink.

A great example of how you can use natural stone tiles in your sink decorative is this bathroom sink from All Natural Stone, featuring our Devonshire pattern tile!

This installation stopped us in our tracks, not only because it looks stunning but also because it perfectly exemplifies how a little amount of natural stone tile can completely alter the appearance of your space.

We also love seeing how creative designers get when using tiles in renovations!


Devonshire bathroom installation
Devonshire Collection

Wrapping Up

Don’t be afraid of a little renovation! We just showed you 5 different ways that you can add your personal touch to your bathroom with natural stone tiles that do not require a yearlong remodel.

Searching for added inspiration for your next bathroom renovation? Explore our gallery of bathroom tile design ideas! Or peruse our Made To Order pattern tiles and Artisan quick ship tiles to source potential designs for your dream bathroom today.