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What’s the most important and crucial part of renovating your home’s backsplash? While many homeowners might argue the most important step is picking the perfect patterned tile, we would have to say that the installation process is equally important to consider! A lot goes into installing your decorative tile correctly, and today we are going to talk specifically about picking the perfect backsplash grout color.


You will discover in this blog that the grout color can make all the difference in the appearance of the final project. It’s no surprise that the most rewarding part of working at StoneImpressions is being able to see our clients’ completed projects and how they choose to layout and place our products in their homes. One thing we’ve noticed over the years is that the grout color plays a huge role in the overall style of a space. Keep reading to learn how to find the best backsplash grout color for your next project!


Briolette (Agate) Silver Luster Limestone Sink Install


Choose the Right Grout Brand


The first step in finding a grout color that is perfect for your backsplash is choosing a grout brand that is safe and recommended for your natural stone tile. If you do not use a high-quality grout your natural stone tile installation will suffer, regardless of whether or not you’ve found the ideal grout color to pair with your tile.

 Here at StoneImpressions, we’ve had years of experience testing out different grout brands to figure out which brands work the best with our unique, artisan stone tiles. If you are looking for a good grout to go with a natural stone tile installation, we recommend the brand Mapei, which offers a variety of different colored, unsanded grout, and is available at Lowes and Floor & Decor (prices range from $12 to $20 for a 10lb bag). For natural stone tiles, it is imperative that you select an unsanded grout to prevent your tiles from unwanted scratches.



Mapei unsanded grout



While Mapei has been a trusted source here for years, another grout brand that we have tried and trusted is Polyblend Non-Sanded Grout from Custom Building Products. If you are unsure about what grout brand to select, it is always a good idea to check with your tile manufacturer about which grout brands they recommend for their products!


Review Your Grout Color Options


Once you have selected a recommend grout brand, it’s time to get to the more exciting part of the process: picking a backsplash grout color! Now, remember, choosing a grout color is completely up to you and what you prefer. There is no wrong color choice, so don’t put too much pressure on your grout color! One thing we do recommend is testing out the color before you apply it to the entire installation to ensure it is the perfect fit for your space.

The great thing about first starting with your grout brand is that it will help you narrow down your color options. Often, certain grout brands are only available in certain colors. So, it’s a good idea to check what colors are available after you have selected your manufacturer-approved brand and grout type.

We wanted to show you a few of our favorite grout color options! We’ve put together a few grout recommendations, based on the color of the grout, the overall design style of the installation space, and the stone type you are using. Browse our recommendations below to get inspired!


White-Colored Grout


For coastal and beach-inspired homes using a white Carrara or Thassos decorative tile with blue and soft color tones, we recommend using a white-colored grout. Using white grout adds a subtle border around each patterned tile that adds a timeless touch.

For example, this kitchen backsplash design by Karen Berkmeyer paired our in-stock Petals tile on 6×6 honed Carrara with a white-colored grout. The end result is a stunning combination that truly lets the subdued blues of the Petals tile shine through in this space.


Karen Berkmeyer Traditional Coastal kitchen backsplash featuring Petals Collection

Photo by Tim Lenz


Another great example of how to use white-toned grout is this shower backsplash design by Ivory and Bone Interiors. We love how they made our in-stock Lena tile on 6×6 honed Carrara feel fresh and modern by pairing this backsplash with a snowy white grout. This backsplash grout color pairing makes the bathroom feel fresh and inviting!


Lena winter blue tile on honed carrara in shower backsplash


Finally, another example of how you can pair white-colored grout with your patterned tile is this striking fireplace design by Caitlin Jones. Jones smartly paired our eye-catching and in-stock Waterways tile on 12×12 honed Carrara with a pale white-colored grout. This color combination lets the fireplace take center stage in this living space and creates a feeling of serene tranquility.


Waterways (blue) Artisan Stone Tile Fireplace Install

Beige-Colored Grout


For homes with a Mediterranean and rustic feel that utilize beige natural stones, such as Limestone and Durango, we recommend a sand-colored grout to match the tile color. This lets the pattern take center stage.

One of our favorite examples of how to use a beige-colored grout is this incredible bathroom backsplash design by BattagliaStile. BattagliaStile paired our in-stock Crystal tile on 6×6 tumbled Perle Blanc with a gentle beige-colored grout to create a bathroom that feels warm and enticing.


Crystal (topaz) on Perle Blanc Bathroom Install Shower Niche and Wall Border

Photo by Adam Taylor


Another fantastic example of how to pair your backsplash with a beige-colored grout is this kitchen design by Paul Heintz. Heintz chose to pair our made-to-order Altalena tile on 6×6 honed Durango with a subtle, beige-colored grout to create a kitchen backsplash that is as decadent and rich as the patterned tile used to create it.


Up close Altalena Pattern Tile Backsplash

Grey-Colored Grout


You might be wondering: What about grey-colored grout?

While it’s not as commonly used as white or beige-colored grout, grey-colored grout does create a one-of-a-kind look when installed. Using a grey grout with a lighter-colored stone, like Carrara, will make a more distinct border around each pattern, making each tile more pronounced.

A great example of this grout color combination is this kitchen backsplash featuring our in-stock Ellipse tile in Chrome Grey on Carrara. The grey-colored grout nicely complements the chrome present in the patterned tile, giving this kitchen backsplash a monochromatic and modern look that oozes sophistication.


Ellipse Tile Grout Backsplash Color

Dark-Colored Grout


Dark or black grout can be a great way to create a bold and distinctive look. You just want to make sure your tiles are properly prepped before you use a dark-colored grout.

Because different natural stones have varying degrees of porosity, you want to make sure that the tile is fully-sealed on all sides before adding your dark grout. Sealing your tiles before you install them will help ensure that your tiles do not absorb any grout colorant dyes or additives, which can discolor your tiles.

To note, some installation situations are more prone to grout haze than others. For instance, grouting light-colored stone tile with dark grout can lead to more extreme hazing. This is because the stone is porous and can readily absorb the excess residue from installation. Reach out to your installer or local natural stone vendor for more information.


Sweden floor detail

Picking Grout Colors For Your Mural Backsplash


If you are installing a mural or centerpiece as a backsplash, like one from our made-to-order Mural collection, grout color and size are especially important.

As you can see in the custom Vin Blanc mural below, the grout lines intersect through the mural’s artwork. These grout lines may affect details of the overall image, like wine labels that include dates and writing.

If you would like your grout lines to be as subtle as possible, we recommend choosing a larger-sized individual tile to make up your mural. This will create fewer grout lines overall. We also suggest using a grout color that blends in with the artwork and stone type. The client below chose a brown backsplash grout color to go with the beige tones in the honed Durango and the mural artwork!


Custom Vin Blanc with grout lines on honed durango


For centerpieces and murals that use a white stone, like honed Carrara or Thassos, we suggest using a white or grey grout color. As you can see below with the South Hampton tile mural, this lighter shade of grout is more cohesive and goes effortlessly with white marble.

South Hampton Full Mural (Blue) on Thassos

Before You Go

Before you start selecting the perfect grout color for your backsplash, make sure to go through a comprehensive grouting checklist! We offer Installation and Care tips on our Frequently Asked Questions page, so you can familiarize yourself with how to correctly install your tile backsplash. Below is a short summation of the most important grouting guidelines:

  • We recommend grouting material using at least a 1/8″ grout joint.
  • Grout should be sealed and regularly maintained.
  • Use unsanded grout only. Do not use grout that is pre-sealed or has glass aggregates.
  • Avoid metal spatulas and trowels. Instead, use rubber or plastic.
  • If you are not using a recommended grout brand, we always recommend testing the grout first.

Following these care instructions will ensure that your tile backsplash looks flawless, allowing the grout color you selected to shine through and highlight the beauty of your new tile feature.

And that’s about it when it comes to selecting your grout color!

We highly recommend looking at our Instagram page for endless inspiration from fellow clients and designers. The best way to make your tile installation decisions is by researching and testing different colors out!

Do you have technical questions about installing our artisan tiles? Let’s connect! Contact us today so we can point you in the right direction as soon as possible.

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