This week we held our first Custom & Design Program Webinar with some of our Authorized Dealers.  We presented all of the options available to create custom tiles and shared pictures of some of our custom tile projects.  Our Custom Program is actually not very complicated.  We can make changes to any of our designs or work with customer-supplied artwork to create a truly personalized tile.  We have a great deal of flexibility and options since we always start with a digital image.  See more information about our Custom Program here.
We have been embracing technology recently and love how it can keep us connected.  Our webinar brought us together with people all the way from Merrimack, New Hampshire to Santa Barbara, California – and lots of places in between.  The dealers around the country who carry our product lines have proven to be a smart and committed bunch of people.  They are always looking for opportunities to improve their knowledge so that they can better serve their customers.  They always impress us.
This is why customers who contact us directly will be strongly encouraged (gently shoved?  politely pushed?) to go see one of our Authorized Dealers.  When you call us, our customer service team is always happy to answer your questions about any of our products.  But when it comes down to making a decision about purchase, it is to your advantage to work with a local, knowledgeable Authorized Dealer.  Here’s why:
Dealers have full-size, in-store samples.  You can browse the beautiful pictures on our website, but there is nothing like seeing the tiles up close and personal.  Touch the natural stone tiles to feel the texture and weight of the stone. Look closely at the detail and colors in the artwork and the shading in the stone.  Taste and smell the tile if that’s your thing. (Please bring your own antibacterial wipes.)  Seeing the full-size samples will give you a much better idea of what the StoneImpressions tiles will look like in your home.





Dealers are trained.  They can answer your questions and they might even have a few questions for you to help you determine the best way to approach your home improvement project.  They have experience working with StoneImpressions and will be able to make recommendations about other items that you might need – grout, cleaner, adhesive, or the phone number of a good tile installer.


Dealers are a part of your local economy.  They employ your neighbors, contribute to the local tax rolls and have a vested interest in your community.  Nobody likes to pay taxes, but wouldn’t you rather have your money stay in your own backyard?  Especially in this economy, shopping locally supports your community in a very tangible way.


Red Shown on Tumbled Durango

Shown on Tumbled Durango


Dealers can assist you in other ways.  We do one thing – decorative natural stone products.  But our Dealers can help you with other aspects of your home improvement project.  Some have Certified Kitchen Designers on staff, like Best Tile. They can help you with your total kitchen remodel from planning and design, all the way to installation.  Other Dealers carry a wide variety of products including kitchen cabinets, sinks, appliances, marble countertops, bath and shower fixtures, and all types of flooring from carpeting to hardwood.


We are always happy to talk to you when you call.  But when you want that fabulous face-to-face customer service experience, you can find an Authorized StoneImpressions Dealer by going to the Showrooms page on our website.