StoneImpressions is the perfect mix of modern technology and old world craftsmanship. Our tiles are created using an exclusive artist-developed process for hand printing almost unlimited designs on stone. We work on the finest natural stones and produce a level of detail with a depth and range of color that is absolutely unsurpassed in the natural stone market.

Designers and homeowners can choose from our ever-expanding library of pattern tiles, listellos and murals or choose their own custom design to make an especially individual statement. All designs are available in various sizes on Travertine, Durango, Limestone, Botticino, Carrara, Thassos, Ice Grey and Crema Ella stone tiles. All products ship out of San Diego, California in two weeks or less.



Take a look at our NEW line of tiles! Artisan Stone Tile brings you hand-crafted, high quality tiles but with a more modest price point. Tiles are in stock and ship out very quickly. Visit Artisan Stone Tile for more information.


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Our Story



In 1994, Melinda Earl, a single mother and trained painter, began uniting plaster, oils, china and cloth to produce textured still lifes in her garage. Always trying to improve, she began experimenting with transferring images onto stone. However, the known methods were extremely time-consuming, so she set out to find a better way. After four years of research and experiments, she developed a patented, hand-printing process and founded her first company, PhotoStone (see below). A few years later the idea for StoneImpressions took root and the first dealer for these high-end decorative tiles was established.

Melinda is the creative force behind all of the StoneImpressions products and designs.  She leads and inspires the design team and is intimately involved in every aspect of product development, from new designs and materials to improved production methods.  Melinda has even been known to pack a box or two (but still refuses to drive the forklift.)  Her background in Fine Arts keeps her grounded in what is timeless and lasting rather than passing trends.  Her impeccable taste and great eye ensures that all StoneImpressions designs are of the highest quality.

Melinda’s generous spirit has also been key in developing the overall company ethos, which can be expressed in a few simple phrases.  Be nice. Be helpful. Find ways to say yes.  StoneImpressions develops long-term relationships with its dealers and distributors and strives to be a valuable partner to them.  StoneImpressions has over 400 authorized dealers throughout North America   and continues to grow into new markets.






Also at this facility is Melinda’s first company – PhotoStone.
PhotoStone produces high quality prints of photographs, wedding invitations and old family photos onto stone. PhotoStones are a unique way to preserve a treasured memory and make a truly distinctive gift. Please visit PhotoStone for more information.