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Did you know? Natural stone tiles and wood kitchen cabinets have a striking similarity.

They both derive their beauty from natural variance!

In naturally occurring materials, like stone or wood, no two pieces of material are the same. Mother Nature steps in to make each piece of stone or wood unique by organically varying its characteristics.

Because of this commonality (and the fact that both materials are frequently featured together in the kitchen), we wanted to highlight some of our favorite ways to pair decorative tile with different types of wood kitchen cabinets.

From dark to light and modern to traditional cabinets, discover how you can pair your kitchen cabinetry with decorative stone tiles to highlight the inherent, organic beauty of both materials, below!


Dark Wood Cabinets


Drafting a design for a kitchen that features dark wood cabinets?

Consider contrasting your cabinets with a decorative tile backsplash the features a neutral palette and captivating design.

For example, look at the kitchen below, to see how you can complement your cabinetry without making the space feel overwhelming or one-dimensional.


Kensington Grand Moss


The above kitchen pairs rich, wooden cabinets with our Kensington pattern tile, in the colorway Moss, from our Artisan Stone Tile line of quick ship tiles.

Taking a closer look, you can see how the subdued tones of the Kensington pattern and its beautiful, Honed Durango tile base highlight the dimension of the surrounding cabinets, creating a kitchen that feels balanced and inviting.

The following kitchen also uses the same styling technique to create a sensible space but features the Elemental pattern in the colorway Taupe from our line of Made to Order decorative tiles.


Contemporary backsplash elemental pattern

The soft shades of the Elemental tile backsplash bring distinction to the space, making for a kitchen that feels harmonious and alluring.


Traditional Wood Cabinets


For wood kitchen cabinets with a more traditional profile, consider a decadent, decorative tile (or tile mural) in a bold colorway to complement the sophisticated complexity of your cabinetry.

Examine the kitchen below, which features traditional wood cabinets alongside our Marseille tile mural in the colorway Red on Tumbled Durango.


marseille red kitchen backsplash wide old italian


The intricate design of the Marseille mural mimics the ornate nature of the wood cabinetry, yet the carmine colorway provides enough distinction to give this kitchen an impressive focal point.

Similarly, the kitchen featured below successfully styles traditional wood cabinets with our opulent Altalena tile in the colorway Azul.


Modern Rustic kitchen with altalena pattern in azul


Here the detailed shading, stippling, and geometric shapes of the Altalena tile complement the natural variance inherent in the wood cabinets, while the blue colorway of the tile brings added dimension and character to the space. This combination makes this kitchen feel timeless and cohesive!


Oak Wood Cabinets


Are you working with a lighter variety of wood cabinets, like oak?

Opt for a luxe patterned tile with a little bit of elegance and glamour.

The kitchen below exemplifies how this contrasting combination can create a space that is brimming with individuality and charm.


Medina Backsplash Oak Cabinets


The designer here paired our Arabian-inspired Medina tile in the colorway Onyx with a set of white and oak cabinets. The elaborate elegance of the Medina tile contrasts the more rustic elements of the space, making this kitchen feel like a new perspective on the modern farmhouse aesthetic.

Another great example of how to style decorative tile with oak kitchen cabinets is the kitchen below, which features our Alston Stilnovo tile in the colorway Day.


Alston Stilnovo Backsplash Oak Cabinets


Here, the Alston Stilnovo tile ties together both the navy blue and oak cabinetry with its pale blue colorway and exciting design. This tile and cabinetry combination makes for a kitchen that feels fresh and captivating!


Modern Wood Cabinets


Maybe you’re considering more of a modern look for the cabinets in your kitchen.

If so, think about pairing your wood kitchen cabinets with a tile mural that features a modern, exciting design.

Take, for example, the kitchen below, which features our Autumn Tree mural on Limestone alongside sleek, two-toned wood cabinetry.


Autumn Tree Gold Luster Limestone Kitchen Install


What we love about this design is the juxtaposition between the two elements.

The Autumn Tree mural mimics the organic beauty of the wood cabinetry below the sink, while also serving as a nice contrast to the modern, white cabinetry on the back wall of the kitchen. The mural also gives an alluring focal point to the kitchen, making the entire space feel like a modern classic.


White Wood Cabinets


When it comes to wood kitchen cabinets, we have seen white cabinetry dominate designs and kitchens time after time again.

And it is no wonder why this cabinetry choice is so popular: white kitchen cabinets can pair with a wide array of design elements!

This is especially true when it comes to pairing your kitchen cabinetry with decorative tile.

To play on the bright and airy nature of the white cabinetry, we recommend using a decorative tile that evokes a similar color palette and aesthetic.

Look at the kitchen below to get a better idea of this pairing in practice.


Kitchen by Carolyn Leona Design | Photography by Anna Routh Barzin


This smart design features our Avery Grande patterned tile in the colorway Charcoal on Carrara marble. Here the neutral, Carrara tile base speaks to the starkness of the cabinetry, while the arresting pattern design gives the space a much-needed focal point and added visual interest.

Another great example of how to pair your white cabinets with decorative tile is this California-coastal-inspired kitchen featuring our Chapman tile in the colorway Sky on Carrara.


Chapman (Blue) on Carrara Kitchen Install Stove Backsplash


In this design, the marble tile base pulls in the ivory of the surrounding cabinets, while the soft blues of the pattern effortlessly infuse added appeal to the entire kitchen space.


Black Wood Cabinets


On the other end of the cabinetry color spectrum, we have black kitchen cabinets.

Like their lighter counterparts, black kitchen cabinets provide a range of styling opportunities when it comes to decorative tiles.

For a more contrasting look, consider pairing your black kitchen cabinets with a patterned tile that features a predominantly neutral color palette.

Or create a cohesive look by choosing a tile that features bold colors and rich designs like the kitchen below, which includes gorgeous black cabinets and our Lancaster tile in the colorway Sedona.


rustic kitchen backsplash design ideas holland designs old world traditional vintage stove top range back splash limestone durango botticino crema ella tumbled straight-edged honed wall wet bar focal point


Featuring vibrant and botanic shapes, the contrasting colors of the Lancaster tile tie in the richness of the black cabinets, while also giving this space an air of liveliness and intrigue.


Colored Wood Cabinets

Colored wood cabinets are here to stay.


While black and white wood kitchen cabinets will certainly be commonplace in kitchens for years to come, we are seeing more and more kitchens today feature cabinetry in exciting shades, like sage green cabinets or even crimson cabinets!

When it comes to finding the right tile pairing for your colored kitchen cabinetry, consider a tile that will either complement or contrast your cabinets.

Take, for example, the kitchen below, which features our Crescent tile in the colorway Pebble Grey and a stunning set of deep navy kitchen cabinets.


Crescent Pattern on 12x12 honed carrara from in-stock line Artisan Stone Tile


Here, the Pebble Grey colorway of the Crescent tile provides a fresh focal point and nicely contrasts the opulence of the navy wood cabinetry. The completed design feels balanced and enchanting.

Another great example of how you can style colored wood cabinets with tile is the following kitchen, which features our quick-ship Waterways tile in the colorway Black.


Waterways Backsplash Green Wood Cabinets

Kitchen by Blackband Design | Photo by Ryan Garvin Photography


In this example, the Waterways tile serves to contrast the softness of the surrounding cabinets, with its dark colorway and striking, geometric design. This styling combination makes for a kitchen that feels unexpected and unique!


Cabinets, Closed


When it comes to storage in your kitchen, cabinetry is not going anywhere any time soon.

In fact, in a recent poll Instagram audience, we saw that more people are interested in cabinetry over open shelving as a design choice in the kitchen.

Instagram Poll Wood Kitchen Cabinets

So, whether you’re going traditional, modern, light, or dark with your cabinetry you can rest assured that your design is in line with current design trends and suitable for a wide variety of decorative tile pairings.

Did you see a styling idea for wood kitchen cabinets that caught your attention? Let us know in the comments below!

Or get inspired for your next home project by perusing our Made to Order and Artisan Stone Tile pattern tiles today!