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We’re back with our annual recap of our favorite decorative tile projects over the past year! One of our favorite things to do is look back at our past recaps to see how interior design has changed each year and predict which direction the new year will bring us.  While each project in this post definitely has its own flair, we’ve noticed the rise of mixing different design styles. Check out the Top Installs of 2019 for some extra inspiration this Holiday Season.

Top Tile Installations of 2019

1. Mixed Materials

California designer, Laura Brophy, took a classic staple in every household and put her own modern spin on it. Adding decorative tile to a fireplace is one of our favorite ways to quickly elevate a room without blowing through a budget. Laura featured our contemporary D’Orsay tile on Thassos in this modern, one-of-a-kind fireplace.

Briolette Tiger's Eye Fireplace Installation

Design by Laura Brophy Interiors. Photo by Hugo Slavic


2. Classic Modern Combo

The blending of design styles is a risky move in interior design, but always worth it in the end. Interior design firm, Shuman Mabe, boldly took elements of rustic, modern, and traditional design to create this unique fireplace featuring our in-stock Regent tile on Carrara.

Regent Pattern fireplace installation

Design by Shuman Mabe Interiors. Photo by Jessie Preza


3. Living Room Blues

We love when designers create a theme in a room without really trying and that is exactly what Caitlin Jones did in this Northern CA living room.  Without being too obvious about it, Caitlin blended together different hues of blue to create a contemporary boho family space. This fireplace features our in-stock Waterways tile on Carrara.

Waterways (blue) Artisan Stone Tile Fireplace Install

Design by Caitlin Jones. Photo by Vivian Johnson


4. A Pop of Pattern

Four Chairs Furniture effortlessly designed a kitchen that combines neutrality and pattern. This is one of our favorite examples of how to design a modern farmhouse, rustic kitchen.  This space won ” Best Kitchen” at the 2019 Utah Valley Parade of Homes. Backsplash features our in-stock Dahlia tile pattern on Carrara.

Dahlia Pattern kitchen installation

Design by Four Chairs Furniture


5. Spanish Revival Sanctuary

This Southern California bathroom screams tranquility and relaxation. Kym at BattagliaStile decided to go with a more natural and rustic-looking stone choice and a subtler pattern to create this serene space. Pattern featured is our Crystal tile design on tumbled Perle Blanc limestone.

Crystal (topaz) on Perle Blanc Install tub

Design by BattagliaStile. Photo by Adam Taylor


6.  Stairway to Heaven

We always tell clients who have a tight budget and are short on time: stairs, stairs, stairs! This is one of the quickest and most effective ways to transform a space in your home. Kym at BattagliaStile featured our in-stock Ella tile on tumbled Perle Blanc limestone in this foyer and we think it subtly adds a fun pattern to the entryway.

Ella (Jute) on Perle Blanc Stair Install

Design by BattagliaStile. Photo by Adam Taylor


7. What’s Black and White and Beautiful All Over?

There’s something so timeless about black and white decorative tile. Ontario designer, Jaclyn Harper Designs, featured our in-stock Avery tile on Carrara in her bathroom renovation and we think it is the perfect accent in this vanity wall.

Avery Grande (Charcoal) on Carrara wide angle bathroom install

Design by Jaclyn Harper Designs


8. Small-Scale Makes Big Splash

While we do love it when a designer uses patterned tile floor-to-ceiling, sometimes that just doesn’t fit the space or budget. The backsplash below shows a spectacular way to incorporate a pop of pattern! Lisa Michael Interiors made a big impression in this coastal kitchen utilizing a focal feature of our Sanza tile on Carrara. The kitchen remains classic with the perfect amount of colorful patterns.

Sanza kitchen installation

Design by Lisa Michael Interiors. Photo by Jessica Glynn


9. Simple on Top, Bold on Bottom

Sometimes it’s hard to blend together different textures and patterns, but Amy Studebaker gives you the perfect example of how to do that. She sticks to neutral tones and fixtures on the walls, and then gets playful with some patterned tile on the floor. We think this bathroom perfectly exemplifies one of our favorite design styles: transitional. Tile featured is our in-stock Hayden Dual tile pattern on Carrara.

Hayden Dual bathroom floor installation

Design Amy Studebaker


10. Spanish But Make it Modern

 This bathroom designed by Gossett and Co shows you how to blend Spanish-inspired, rustic tiles with modern, geometric materials. We like to describe this space as “Spanish Revival.”  Tile featured is our in-stock Oasis tile pattern on Carrara.

Contemporary shower with spanish tile Oasis on 6x6 honed carrara

Design by Gossett & Co.

11.  Traditional with a Twist

Here is another one of our favorite projects that can make a small space pop! Chell from Cambridge and Co. utilized the perfect modern decorative tile to give this small powder bathroom a little bit extra.  It’s always easy to overlook powder rooms and guest baths during renovations, so it’s nice to see when a designer gives it something more. Tile featured is our Avery tile design on Carrara.

modern powder bathroom tile featuring the Avery pattern


12. Rustic Chic

Some of our favorite things in a kitchen: open shelving, matte black appliances, and brass hardware. Utah designer, Sita Montgomery, beautifully designed an original and inspiring kitchen that screams rustic chic. Sometimes using so many different textures and materials can come out looking busy, but she put it all together in an effortless way. Tile featured is Ventana tile design from our in-stock collection.

Modern farmhouse kitchen backsplash with ventana pattern on 6x6 honed carrara

Design by Sita Montgomery. Photo by Lindsay Salazar

13. Modern Moroccan

The modern Moroccan design movement is one we are looking forward to seeing more of.  Four Chairs Furniture put their own spin on this design style and we think it breathes originality and innovation. In a world full of white kitchens, we love when we see a daring decorative tile covering a full wall. Tile featured is our in-stock Medina tile pattern on Arctic White.

Medina Patterned accent wall in Kitchen

Design by Four Chairs Furniture

14. Custom Stairs

One of our favorite custom jobs we did this year featured this one-of-a-kind staircase, which was designed by homeowner Bri Kostechko.  She knew exactly what she wanted when she came to us and had every single detail planned out; everything from the color and style of the tile she wanted to use, to the little gold details added in to select designs. She chose tile from both of our collections and put her own spin on it. We love it!

decorative stair risers on carrara

15. Stunning Stairs

Last but definitely not least, we have these stunning stairs that utilize a different pattern for each step. While stair risers are nothing new to interior design, we love this original take on them. LuAnn Development decided to pick out their favorite patterns from our collections to blend together in this transitional Los Angeles home.

Decorative stair risers feature in stock items on 6x6 honed carrara

Designer: LuAnn Development

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