Looking for the perfect tile that is both versatile and unique?  Say hello to the Ventana Pattern from our quick-ship collection, Artisan Stone Tile.  The Ventana features two colorways. Bronze, for a rich classic neutral palette, and Deep Blue, for a fresh crisp pop of color. Because of the pattern’s versatility, the stone type that is used can dramatically change it’s overall style. From a Rustic Tumbled Perle Blanc limestone, to a more modern white Carrara and Arctic white marble, this tile is a true chameleon.  The Ventana collection is easily one of our most popular designs and we think it has a lot to do with elegant flare it adds to any space.  This collection is great for the homeowner that wants to utilize a decorative tile that is beautiful and timeless.  We’ve rounded up a few projects that show you how effortlessly this tile fits into a variety of spaces: modern kitchens, rustic bathrooms, and traditional living rooms.

Ventana tile up close on carrara

The Ventana Pattern in Bronze on 6×6 honed Carrara

Ventana collection in Deep blue on honed arctic white tile

Ventana in Deep Blue on honed Arctic White

1. Modern Cottage

The Bronze colorway of Ventana works in perfect harmony with this modern cottage kitchen. Black tones and simple shapes are mimicked throughout the space in the kitchen decor as well as the tile pattern itself. The metallics of the hardware are picked up in the tones of the Ventana to to create a perfect cohesive oasis.  A bold yet understated room is achieved in this design by Sita Montgomery.

Modern farmhouse kitchen backsplash ventana tile

Design: Sita Montgomery Interiors, Photo by Lindsay Salazar

Modern farmhouse kitchen backsplash with ventana pattern on 6x6 honed carrara

Design: Sita Montgomery Interiors, Photo by Lindsay Salazar

Ventana tile in modern farmhouse kitchen backsplash

Design: Sita Montgomery Interiors, Photo by Lindsay Salazar

2. Rustic 

This rustic bathroom is kept simple with subtle neutrals and clean lines.The Ventana tile in Bronze brings out the rich elements in the wood cabinets to enhance their natural beauty.  An area rug application is used for the decorative pattern and draws the eye to the exquisite claw foot tub and chandelier.  It keeps the space simplistic while adding just a touch of modern style.

Ventana Pattern on Carrara marble shown on bathroom floor by Artisan Stone Tile

Design: Tile Sensations

Ventana tile on rustic master bathroom floor

Design: Tile Sensations

This eclectic living room is dappled with rustic pieces and highlighted with intentional uses of color. The Deep Blue Ventana complements the navy tones throughout the space and effortlessly brings focus to the featured fireplace.  This living room designed by Laura Abrams, blends together wood tones and navy accents to create a space that is both rustic and contemporary.

Ventana (Bronze) Fireplace Install Living Room

Design: Laura Abrams Design, Photo by Natalia Robert


3. Traditional 

The delicate linework of Ventana also compliments a more traditional space like the living room below.  Its simplicity and charm add drama to the fireplace without overwhelming the space. Simple elegance is what comes to mind when enjoying a relaxing cup of coffee in this peaceful living area.

Ventana fireplace in modern rustic living room

Design: Blair Design and Interiors, Photo by Stephanie Crusso

4. Minimalist

In a minimalistic space it is important to have a design element with movement and appeal to avoid creating a stagnant feeling room. The Ventana tile has the perfect level of small detail combined with larger scale geometric elements.  The kitchen below achieves a pure blend of simple and unique in a mastery of minimalism.

Ventana backsplash in traditional kitchen

Design: Blair Design and Interiors, Photo by Stephanie Crusso

Ventana backsplash rustic kitchen tile

Design: Blair Design and Interiors, Photo by Stephanie Crusso


5. Modern Farmhouse

This modern farmhouse blends sweet pastel blues and airy whites for a dreamy scene. The Ventana collection in the Deep Blue coordinate for a cohesive look that is sure to make you linger in the kitchen.  We love to see clients adding decorative tile to simplistic designs as a finishing touch that completes the project.

Ventana backsplash in classic kitchen

Design: Cabana Rehab Interiors, Photo by Sen Creative

Ventana tile in modern farmhouse kitchen

Design: Cabana Rehab Interiors, Photo by Sen Creative