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The truth is green will always be in style.

It does not matter what the design industry is forecasting for the upcoming year, shades of green will always result in a kitchen that is striking and timeless!

But one shade of green we’ve seen crop up to the top of the design trends is sage green.

And this year specifically, we are seeing sage green kitchen cabinets pop up in several different design projects across the country.

It’s no wonder—this earthy, green-grey hue presents the perfect foundation for peppering in other design elements, like decorative tiles, fixtures, and hardware.

Today, we’re walking you through the various ways you can pair different decorative tiles with sage green cabinets in your kitchen.

Keep reading to get some sage ideas for your next home endeavor!


Sage Green Cabinets with Charcoal-Green Tiles


Fully embrace sage green in your kitchen by pairing your cabinets with an artisan tile backsplash that features similar shades or undertones.

For example, in the installation below, our Minore tile in the colorway Charcoal-Green was paired with a set of stunning sage green KraftMaid cabinets.

The green-grey tile backsplash highlights the richness of the cabinetry in this installation, creating a cohesive kitchen that emanates timeless elegance.



Minore Kitchen Backsplash


Minore backsplash closeup


Minore backsplash close up 2


Sage Green Cabinetry with White Ink Tiles

Play on the subtle sophistication of your sage green cabinets with a pattern tile featuring white ink designs.

One thing we love about white ink technology is that it elevates a classic design, giving the design more dimension and visual interest, without being too overwhelming.

White ink tiles are the perfect partner for sage-colored cabinets because their refined aesthetic matches the serene energy of this green colorway.

Take, for example, our Sweden tile from our Artisan Collection of quick-ship tiles shown below.

Sweden Sage Green Flatlay

The white ink technology of the tile allows the earthy tones of the design to shine through and complement the natural serenity of the green background, creating a tranquil look overall.


Sage Cabinets with Natural Stone Tiles

You can also amplify the calming nature of sage green cabinetry in your kitchen by featuring different, organic materials.

For example, consider pairing your cabinets with natural stone tiles that feature a soothing design.

In the kitchen space below, the designer paired our Fiore tile on Carrara marble with a set of lush, sage green cabinets.

Fiore With Sage Green Cabinets

The Fiore tile’s design and natural stone body match the softness of the cabinets and help to create a relaxed yet inviting space.


Soft, Sage Cabinets with Bold, Patterned Tiles

Have you ever thought of sage green as a new-age neutral?

With its muted finish and herb-inspired hue, sage green can act as an unexpected neutral in your kitchen.

Compared to traditional neutrals, like white or grey, this shade of green offers more personality and visual interest to a space, while still providing a clean backdrop for other design elements, like a decorative tile with an eye-catching pattern.

For example, look at the kitchen shown below.

Cabrillo Nightfall Sage Green Cabinetry

The soft sage green cabinets create an ideal foundation for layering in bolder elements, like our Cabrillo tile in the colorway Nightfall. The result is a stunning space that feels simultaneously fresh and classic.


Striking Sage Cabinets with a Tile Mural

Considering a more green-dominant shade of sage for your kitchen cabinets?

Use a tile mural to mimic the optical opulence of your green cabinets!

Murals feature a wide array of subject matters, giving you ample opportunity to showcase complementary colors, like a sun-drenched terracotta or deep navy, that will tie in your cabinetry.

From a Spring Garden to a River’s Edge, you can easily find a mural that speaks to the greenery of your cabinets—or you can even create a custom tile mural to create an exact color match!

In the kitchen below, our South Hampton mural in the colorway Evergreen was paired with a set of vibrant green cabinets.

South Hampton Evergreen Mural Green Cabinets

The mural’s mesmerizing vine design and colors matched perfectly with the color of the surrounding cabinetry creating a kitchen that feels unified and modern.


Sage Last Words

Different shades may fall in and out of style, but one thing is for certain: green is a timeless color.

We hope you enjoyed exploring the various ways you can pair sage green cabinets with patterned, decorative tiles.

Did one of these tile pairing ideas catch your eye? We’d love to hear your thoughts on these sage styles in the comments below!

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