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Melrose Collection


StoneImpressions patterns may be ordered on any stone type or stone size currently available.

Melrose Pattern

The Melrose pattern will add a touch of sophistication and tranquility to your space. The Sea Mist, Sunlit Coral, and Tropical Dusk colorways pop against their rich and vibrant backdrop colors. For something even more glamorous, try the Melrose on our Luster Limestone, featuring a pearlized glazed finish, particulaly lovely in the Silver Strand, Gold Dust, and Green Glimmer colorways. So no matter what your style is, the Melrose pattern is sure to have the perfect look for you.

Available Colors

Gold Dust

Shown on Luster Limestone

Green Glimmer

Shown on Luster Limestone

Sea Mist

Shown on Carrara Blanco

Silver Strand

Shown on Luster Limestone

Sunlit Coral

Shown on Carrara Blanco

Tropical Dusk

Shown on Carrara Blanco

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