In a previous post, we talked about our custom designs and the availability of thousands of options that you can find by using our licensing partners.


Just wanted to mention – it’s not all about murals.  You can find plenty of still lifes, landscapes, and wine scenes; country farms and roosters; New England seasides and Tuscan valleys.  But there are also patterns and motifs – and lots of them!


At Rosenstiel’s website you can simply search for the world “Pattern” and you come up with results like this:


 Geo Mosaicby Douglas


by Douglas


by Max Carter


by Max Carter

Or if you are feeling adventurous, search for the word “Abstract” to find things like:

by Carney


by Holman


by Hedy Klineman


by Lunden


by Lisa Butcher


If you are stumped as to how you would turn any of these patterns into a tile mural – contact us!  Our designers love the opportunity to be creative with such bold inspiration as the starting point.