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This past year has brought many new and exciting changes to the StoneImpressions’ family!  We have added amazing new members to our team, collaborated with talented bloggers, and created stunning new designs for our two collections, StoneImpressions and Artisan Stone Tile.
Not only did we create new designs for these collections, we also added a new and innovative finish to give seven lucky patterns an even bolder look!  We are so excited to formally introduce the Luster Finish Collectiona subtle, pearlized glaze that brings further brightness and nuance to our Limestone tiles. 
So we mentioned that 2017 has been all about new and exciting changes, and one more thing we have started to do is video blogging!  We thought we would start off our video blog series by talking about the new Luster Finish collection.  
Our next two videos will be about our favorite new designs from our in-stock collection, Artisan Stone Tile!  Check out our full YouTube channel HERE!
For more information on our tiles or sample requests, please email hilary@stoneimpressions.com.