Many of us are working from home right now and enjoying the extra time with our pets. Today we want to shine a spotlight on our doggy companions that have been keeping us company. Although we miss our coworkers, our furry friends make a pretty good substitute. While our dogs may not be able to make coffee or type 100 words per minute, they do offer comfort, love, and even some comedic relief as we adjust to our new daily routines.

Office dog on floor with art tiles

Meet Adolin, are newest addition to the StoneImpressions’ office!

Here at the StoneImpressions’ headquarters we often have dogs in the office. They help with critical tasks such as enforcing breaks for playing fetch, inspecting and sampling the office snacks, and even helping with design projects! It turns out that canines have an eye for aesthetics. Did you know that dogs see primarily in shades of green and blue? if your pup doesn’t seem shrilled with your remodel selections, try introducing some of their favorite colors.

Small dog with laptop and mug

Meet Draiy’s dog, Satine!

Here are a few favorites from the dogs at our office. They were selected based on their unique designs and dreamy colors…and they also passed the very important sniff test.

Ella pattern in blizzard blue carrara honed

Tile: Ella (Blizzard Blue) on 12×12 honed Carrara. Photo from Pave Design Gallery


Chapman in shade on carrara bathroom floor

Tile: Chapman (Shade) on 6×6 honed carrara. Design by Jacquelyn Clark


Altalena Pattern Kitchen install with dog

Tile: Altalena (Azul) on 6×6 light Travertine. Photo by Adam Taylor


Eden collection on carrara floor backsplash

Tile: Custom Eden pattern on 12×12 thassos


Oasis collection on 6x6 limestone

Tile: Oasis (black) on 6×6 honed limestone. Photo and design by Jaclyn James Home


Dogs aren’t the only ones that have an affinity for these alluring colors. Throughout history blue and green have been favorites of people from all over the world. Perhaps it has to do with their close correlation to some of the most stunning elements in nature. When we look at a clear blue sky, vibrant and bright, we can’t help but feel as free as a bird. Gazing at the ocean wile sitting on a sandy beach seems to set the imagination free and bring out the creative spirit within all of us. Green brings the fresh renewal of spring and ushers away the dreary winter. New life and new hope burst forth to create a lush paradise as green takes over. We all have our own way of connecting with these special colors, so let your imagination run free as you add them into your space and into your life.