Do you know about our QUICK SHIP PROGRAM?

We have selected some of our most popular designs – both mural and pattern tiles –  that we keep in stock all of the time.  These tiles can ship out right away – no waiting!

Below are just a few examples.  To see all the available in stock tiles, download and print the Quick Ship Program sheet.

Contact your local tile store to place your order.

Watermark Taupe
Watermark Taupe Pattern Tile on 6×6 Carrara
Marseille Red QS
Marseille Red – Pattern 6×6, Listellos 3×6 & Corners 3×3 on Durango
Altalena Ochre Pattern Tile on 6×6 Light Travertine
Cynara Fruit Mural
Cynara Still Life Mural – 18 high x 30 wide on 6×6 Durango
French Delight
French Delight Wine Mural – 18 high x 24 wide on 6×6 Durango