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One question we get asked often is: how can I use the different Deco Dots tile series in my interior?

This is a great question to ask! We have 3 different variations of the Deco Dots as a part of our made-to-order tile line. We offer the Bristol, the Saybrook, and the Damico Deco Dots Collections. Each set has 16 different designs that are meant to complement each other. They all stem from a similar color palette and can be used as a mosaic, or ordered individually.

Take a look at each tile collection, below, and keep reading to see how you can feature Deco Dots in your home!

The Bristol Deco Dots Collection shown on 1x1 Carrara

The Bristol Collection (shown on 1×1 Carrara)

The Saybrook Deco Dots Collection shown on 1x1 Limestone

The Saybrook Collection  (shown on 1×1 Limestone)

The Damico Deco Dots shown on 1x1 honed Carrara

The Damico Collection (shown on 1×1 honed Carrara)

5 Ways To Use Deco Dots

The Bristol Deco Dots shown on 1x1 Limestone

The Bristol Collection (shown on 1×1 Limestone)

1. Customize the Stone Type

A great use for the Deco Dots collections? A custom tile project! Match the tile to your interior by customizing the stone type of these collections. We offer eight, natural stone types ranging from a traditional, Tumbled Durango to a contemporary, Honed Carrara. With so many stone options, you can find a tile body that fits seamlessly into your reimagined space. Below, you can see a side-by-side comparison of different tile bodies and how they impact the look of the final tile.

4x4 carrara and 6x6 tumbled durango deco dots collection

You can see from these examples that stone choice plays a big part in the overall aesthetic of the tile. Here, it’s clear to see that a tile body like Limestone or Tumbled Durango can give off a rustic, Spanish-inspired aesthetic, while a tile body like Carrara gives off a more refined, classic aesthetic.

bristol deco dots shown on 4x4 limestone and 6x6 carrara

2. Repeat the Same Pattern

As we mentioned above, the Deco Dots patterns can be used as a mosaic or individually. A great, and unique, way to incorporate these collections into your interior is to repeat one pattern from any of the collections on a 6×6 tile. This approach lets you create a cohesive look and a focal feature that speaks to your individual style.

Saybrook Vibrant deco dot on 6x6 tumbled durango

Below, you’ll find a great example of what this approach looks like as a final tile installation. Here, Big Sky Design utilized the VDD13 Pattern from the Saybrook Collection to create a stunning fireplace surround.

The VDD13 Pattern shown as a Fireplace surround designed by Big Sky Design

3. Use as an Accent Tile 

If you are working with a smaller budget, consider using the Deco Dots tiles as subtle accents in your overall design. Instead of using the collections as an entire backsplash or floor design, cherry-pick your favorite designs and scatter them throughout one element of your design. This concept still gives your home eye-catching decor without making your budget balloon. Below, you’ll find a fabulous example of this approach, featuring the Saybrook Collection as 1×1 accent tiles.

Deco dot accent tile on 6x6 honed limestone

The Saybrook Deco Dots collection on 1x1's shown as accent tiles

4. Change the Tile Size

Not many people realize how important the scale of a design is when choosing tile for a space. Consider playing around with the pattern scales of the Deco Dots tiles to find the right fit for your final design. All of the Deco Dot patterns are available on 2×2″ tiles, 3×3″ tiles, 4×4″ tiles, 6×6″ tiles, 8×8″ tiles, 12×12″ tiles, or 18×18″ tiles. Below, you’ll find a few visual examples featuring the same design in different scales. Do you see what a difference scale makes?

Sizing difference in tiles

sizing difference in tiles

5. Mix and Match Patterns

While some people want to repeat a single pattern in their space, some homeowners want to select a few patterns from the Deco Dots collections and mix them together creating a mosaic or patchwork look, like the example below.

various tiles from Bristol Deco dot collection on 6x6 honed carrara

To further illustrate this point, take a look at another Big Sky Design below that perfectly encapsulates the mix-and-match approach. Here, the design team opted to use a multitude of patterns from the Saybrook Collection to create this North Carolina kitchen backsplash. What do you think of this finished look?

Big Sky Design created a backsplash using various patterns from the Saybrook Collection in this North Carolina Kitchen

Dot Dot Dot…

Loving the different Deco Dots Collection? Visit our Where to Buy StoneImpressions Tile Showroom Locator to find an approved distributor in your local area!

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