Did you know that the creation of StoneImpressions began with our mural collection?  Back in the early 2000’s, our most popular designs were tile centerpieces that ranged from Tuscan Landscape murals to Still Life murals of wine bottles, flowers, and fruit baskets.  While our clients still love these classic mural styles, we have noticed a huge need for modern and innovative centerpieces.  We have been hard at work for the last year creating fresh works of art for all styles of homes that range from modern farmhouse-style motifs to serene Japanese-inspired murals.  Keep scrolling to see some of our favorite centerpieces from the 2019 Mural Collection!

Autumn Tree Centerpiece

Our Autumn Tree Mural is showcased using our two shades of Luster Finish-gold and silver. The luster is a pearlized glaze that adds a new dimension to this colorful piece.  We designed this mural to be the focal point of a room and it will capture your attention every time you see it.  We recommend using the Autumn Tree mural in a modern space that is paired with neutral and minimalist colors, hardware, and fixtures.

Autumn Tree Gold Luster Limestone Kitchen Install

Autumn Tree Centerpiece on Gold Luster Limestone


Autumn Tree Mural (Full) on Silver Luster Limestone

Autumn Tree Centerpiece on Silver Luster Limestone


Farmstead Centerpiece

Our Farmstead Mural was created for all the modern farmhouse lovers out there.  We love this collection because it gives you a few different options on how to lay the centerpiece out–you can keep the modern border around the inner pieces or you can simply repeat the inside pattern to whatever scale you need…  Make sure you take a look at all of the colors we offer in this series-we added something for everyone!

Farmstead Kitchen (Grey) Crop Close

Farmstead Centerpiece on Arctic White


Farmhouse Mural in Navy on Arctic White color swatch

Farmstead Centerpiece in Navy Blue


Farmstead Mural in Coral on Arctic White color swatch

Farmstead Centerpiece in Coral

Tavira Centerpiece

The  Moroccan-inspired Tavira Mural is another one that can be utilized in a variety of ways.  This series comes with a matching listello border tile and it is up to you if you want to use it with the main part of the mural.  Because these are repeating patterns, the Tavira is easily adjusted to fit your space.

Tavira Kitchen Backsplash Installation

Tavira Centerpiece on Arctic White


Tavira (Lilac) with listellos on Arctic White Swatch

Tavira Centerpiece in Lilac

Tavira (Beach) with Listellos on Arctic White Swatch

Tavira Centerpiece in Beach

Cherry Blossoms Centerpiece

The Cherry Blossoms Mural is intended to be the star of the space.  It’s hard to walk into a room and not notice this contemporary and timeless artwork.  Because we love this collection so much, we offer this mural in 5 unique color combinations.

Cherry Blossom Mural Kitchen StoneImpressions

Cherry Blossom Centerpiece on Silver Luster Limestone

Cherry Blossom Mural Swatch on Gold Luster Limestone

Cherry Blossoms in Gold Luster


Cherry Blossom Mural in Pink on Arctic White

Cherry Blossoms in Pink on Arctic White

Cherry Blossom Mural in Dawn on Arctic White Swatch

Cherry Blossoms in Dawn on Arctic White

Gilded Garden Centerpiece

The Gilded Garden series has been a favorite among designers because of the intricate details and timeless artwork.  This collection is versatile because it has characteristics from both traditional and contemporary design.  The Gilded Garden mural can be used with or without the bordering listellos, and ordered in any size.

Gilded Garden Bathroom Installation

Gilded Garden Centerpiece on Thassos


Gilded Garden Mural (Gold) on Thassos Product Shot

Gilded Garden Centerpiece in Gold


South Hampton Centerpiece

The South Hampton Mural also has characteristics from different design styles.  We created this series to fit into classic spaces, contemporary spaces,  modern farmhouse spaces, and also minimalist homes.  This versatile centerpiece can be ordered in any dimension and on any stone type we offer.

South Hampton Mural Installed in Contemporary kitchen

South Hampton Centerpiece on Limestone


South Hampton Full Mural (Blue) on Thassos

South Hampton Centerpiece in Cool Blue


Miabella Centerpiece

The Miabella centerpiece is similar to the Tavira collection above because it can be used as a repeating patterned tile or transformed into a mural by framing it with the decorative borders.  This series offers bright, bold colors and shapes inspired by Moroccan interior design.

Miabella Mural (Taupe) on Arctic White Product Shot

Miabella Centerpiece in Taupe on Arctic White


Miabella (Taupe) on Perle Blanc Swatch

Mia Bella Centerpiece in Taupe on tumbled Perle Blanc


Miabella (Sea Glass) on Arctic White Swatch

Miabella Centerpiece in Sea Glass


Miabella (Jade) on Arctic White Swatch

Miabella Centerpiece in Jade


To see our complete collection of new centerpieces, head over to our Mural Centerpieces’ Page