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In astrology, Leo (the Latin word for “lion”) is the fifth sign of the zodiac. This fiery sign is ruled by the sun and is characterized by vitality and dynamism. Much like the astrological sign, our Leo tile from the 2021 Artisan Stone Tile Collection truly shines. This bold, geometric design creates visual interest and a timeless focal feature in any interior.

Wondering how you might use the Leo tile in your next home project? You’re in the right place! Today, we are outlining a few of our favorite ways to fashion the versatile and vibrant Leo tile. Keep reading to see how to style the Leo tile in three unique ways!


1. Industrial Design Style

With its bold hues and geometric pattern, the Leo tile fits perfectly into industrial design. As the name suggests, industrial design takes a cue from the aesthetic found in factories and manufacturing settings. It’s characterized by a stripped-back look, wherein architectural elements (like brick walls) are left exposed, raw, or weathered. Often, you’ll see elements like exposed rafters, reclaimed wood, or iron used in these types of spaces.

To create an industrial look with the Leo tile, we’d first select this design in the Sapphire colorway on Carrara marble. Here, the natural stone and gem-toned colorway provide a contrasting element to the cool, earth tones commonly found in this design style. Next up, we would amplify the architectural aspect of this look with matte black cabinetry and cement accents. To finish off the space, we’d loop in high-end black marble to mirror the modern aspects of the Leo tile.


Leo patterned tile in sapphire on carrara in industrial mood board


2. Art Deco Design Style

Thanks to its dimensional design and rich, gem-like color options, the Leo tile lends itself quite nicely to Art Deco design. Art Deco design is all about flattened, geometric motifs! With this style, you will find geometric and abstract pattern motifs used throughout these spaces. And, you’ll also find luxurious materials and finishes like colorful glass, polished wood, and fine metals.

To pair the Leo tile with this design style, we would first select this design in Bronze on Honed Durango. This winning color-and-stone combination augments the grand, modern nature of Art Deco design and adds a luxurious pop of gold. Then, we’d add in statement accents that amplify the golden hue of the tile, like a modern chandelier or geometric wallpaper in the same tone. Finally, we’d round out this design with statement furniture and earth-toned accents to balance the entire space.


Leo patterned tile in bronze on honed durango in art deco mood board


3. Modern Glam Design Style

We’d be remiss if we didn’t style the Leo tile in a modern glam fashion! This design style takes a note from old, Holywood charm and is known for its dramatic, extravagant spaces. In these interiors, you will commonly see items like transitional furniture, contemporary lighting, jewel tones, and high-end finishes.

To create a modern and glamorous space, we’d first select the Leo tile in Emerald Green on Carrara marble. Here, the saturated, emerald colorway and bright Carrara marble add an extra element of allure and enchantment. Next, we’d pair this striking combination with a modern rug that mirrors the jewel-like hues seen in this tile design. Then, to finish off our design, we’d add in velvet accent chairs and high-end gold fixtures, like contemporary pendant lighting!


Leo patterned tile in emerald green on carrara in modern glam mood board


Need More Inspiration?

We hope these different design mood boards gave you inspiration for your next interior renovation. If you’re looking for additional installation inspiration, discover how you can style other designs from our 2021 Artisan Stone Tile Collection, below!

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