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We are going back to the basics. The basics of natural stone, that is!

Whether you are a tile aficionado or a natural stone novice, it never hurts to review the fundamentals of natural stone.

And one of the most important fundamentals of natural stone tiles is understanding how to calculate your tile square footage.

Today, we will be walking you through exactly how you can calculate the square footage of your tile, quickly and easily.

Let’s get started!


What You’ll Need

We’re here to share the good news: calculating your tile square footage does not require ample time or resources.

What you’ll need is a tape measure to capture the length and width of the surface you’re covering, a place to store your measurements (like a pen and paper or your computer), and a calculator.


The Formula for Calculating Square Footage

To calculate the square footage for your tile, you will need the following formula:

How to Calculate Square Footage for Tile Formula


Looking at this formula, you might wonder how and why the number 144 comes into play in this equation.

The answer is simple: 1 foot equals 12 inches, and 1 foot squared, or 12 inches squared, equates to 144 inches. So, dividing your measurements by 144 gives you a shortcut for finding your tile’s square footage.

To better understand how this formula functions, let’s look at an example.

How to Calculate Square Footage for Tile Example


Say you are creating a patterned tile installation on your living room wall.

If your wall measures 132 inches long and 96 inches wide, then you would apply the formula as follows:

While there is a little math and measuring involved, using this formula can help you calculate the square footage for your tile efficiently and effectively.


A Good Rule of Thumb

You might be wondering: How many tiles are in a square foot?

The answer to this question depends on what size tile you are using.

Review the chart below to get a better idea of how many tiles make up a single square foot for some of the most common tile sizes.


How Many Tiles Are in a Square Foot Chart


Or look at the visual breakdown, below, to see what one square foot of tile looks like in both 6×6 and 4×4 tile sizes:

Tile Square Footage Visual 4x4 versus 6x6 tiles

The visual above shows our Jacquard tile in 6×6 and our Minore tile in 4×4 from our Made To Order tile line.


Calculating Square Footage for Backsplashes 

It’s no secret that decorative tiles are commonly installed as kitchen backsplashes.

So let’s look at an example below, featuring our Truly Lace mural on Thassos, to see how you can apply our tile square footage formula to a kitchen backsplash.


Truly Lace Mural installed in modern kitchen


First, you’d want to measure the length and width of the space between the kitchen counter and stove hood (or cabinetry) where the tile will be installed.

The backsplash in the kitchen above measures 18 inches by 36 inches.

Using our trusty formula, you would then multiply 18 by 36 to get a total of 648 inches.

To calculate our final square footage, you would then divide 648 inches by 144, to get a total of 4.5 square feet.

Who knew calculating your backsplash tile square footage could be so easy?


Measure Before You Buy

It is never a bad idea to plan ahead!

Before you begin to shop for tile, consider doing a quick measurement of your space.

Even if your measurement is not exact, you will have a better idea of how many tiles you’ll need, and the budget necessary for transforming your space.

Measuring before you buy can also help you narrow down your available purchase options.

After measuring, you may find that certain tiles, by nature of their price per square foot, are either well within your budget or outside the funds you set aside for this project.


Squared Away

With this building block of stone basics, we hope you can confidently calculate the square footage of your tile in any space.

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