As if we don’t already spend enough time on our computers…ignoring family members…letting the dogs go hungry…watching the dishes pile up…


but look at the great things we can find!


This Friday we have only one item to share with you, because once you click on the link, you’ll want to spend hours and hours over there.


The website is called Houzz and it allows you to browse through thousands of photographs of homes and rooms – both indoor and outdoor spaces.  The best part is that you can create your own Ideabooks and save all of the photos that you like.  You can even email your Ideabooks to your family, friends or professionals.  It is the digital equivalent of tearing out pictures from magazines and throwing them all in a folder.  But much, much cooler, way more organized and thankfully less expensive – it’s free!


Just for fun, we created our own Ideabook to share.  Autumn is here, but it was 82 degrees today in San Diego. We are thinking cozy and warm, but outdoor cozy works best here.  



Settling down on a cool night in front of one of these fireplaces with our neglected loved ones, a fine wine in our dirty glasses and the hungry dog curled at our feet.  What more could we ask for?