Color plays a crucial role when choosing a patterned tile for your home.  You will set the tone, style, and mood of your space depending on the brightness and level of colors you utilize.  As with any trend, popular colors come and go.  Last summer it was navy blue, now it’s a dark green.  Despite the changing trends, one color combination will always remain timeless: black and white.

Black and white listello pile
Black & White Listello Collection 
If you’re more interested in a patterned tile, rather than a mural or listello, we offer some one-of-a-kind designs with the black and white color combination.  These are a part of our in-stock collection, Artisan Stone Tile
Waterways patten in Black
The Waterways Pattern on carrara, kept in-stock and ready to ship
Ellipse pattern in Noire Black
The Ellipse Pattern on carrara, kept in-stock and ready to shipOasis pattern in black
The Oasis Pattern on carrara, kept in-stock and ready to ship

If you are interested in a patterned tile mural for your backsplash, we also offer several murals in black and white:

 Peperigno mural
Peperigno Mural  framed with black granite and Carrara marble dome liners.
Black and white accent tile
Vintage Doorknob Designs on Carrara

What can be said about Black & White?  It is classic, sophisticated and will always be in style.  Our spin on Black & White uses Carrara Marble as the white base for designs that feature shades of black only.  We always try to include this option in a few of our collections.  We offer a range of looks, from intricate decorative patterns and listellos to simple nautical scenes that have the quality of scrimshaw carvings.  Take a look:

Serenata Pattern in Iron
Serenata Pattern Tile in Iron color
Nautical accents
From our Nautical Tile Collection – Maritime Accents on Carrara
Vintage black key accents

What we really love about a black and white tile combination is that it can work in any style of home.  For example, use the black and white nautical accents in your coastal beach home.  Or use the black and white modern Waterways in a contemporary bathroom.  The colorway will look beautiful in any situation!