Did you know that we can make your tile mural in virtually any size?

StoneImpressions’ wine murals and accents are the perfect way to complete your wine cellar or kitchen. Remember a great vintage, a wonderful bottle or your trip to France, Italy, or Napa with our outstanding Brunello or Napa Valley tile murals. Decorate your kitchen with the perfect grapevine or wine musings. Excellent wine murals to generate enthusiasm for your friends and entertaining. It doesn’t have to be a cellar; many houses have bar sinks in the home design. Our French Delight mural is perfect for that location. Personalize your wall art by putting your label on a bottle or two. We have often created custom tile by including birth dates and names on bottles of wine! See our Custom page for details. We welcome your design ideas—together we will make your wine cellar, wine bar or wet bar a stunning work of art!

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